Mouth To Beak Resuscitation Saves Bald Eagle

To prove a point I’ve been making for years, I’ve decided to highlight this story as today’s feature.

It’s about a majestic bird, an eagle really, that was resuscitated by a local veterinarian.

So, what’s the point I’ve been hammering home like a February woodpecker banging away at my parents’ house?

What comes around, goes around.

If you read yesterday’s story, you’ll understand why I say this.

It was about a bird too, except this one attempted to pick up a cat, bring it back to its nest, and peck the feline’s brains out. It didn’t turn out as planned, but regardless it wasn’t a nice thought even by my own measure.

So what’s Mother Nature to do? She exacts her revenge by having an eagle, probably a bald sob, hit by a car.KTVZ-TV has the details…and a video at their site.

BEND, Ore., July 17 (UPI) — A Bend, Ore., veterinarian says he resuscitated a badly injured bald eagle by performing mouth-to-beak CPR on the raptor.

The eagle, recently named “Patriot,” was found by two women in June after he was hit by a car, KTVZ-TV reported. He was well on his way to recovery; his fractured wing and dislocated elbow and wrist are all healing, Dr. Jeff Cooney of Bend Veterinary Clinic said.

However, last Wednesday during an exam and physical therapy, while under anesthesia, Patriot stopped breathing. Cooney stepped in and performed CPR until the bird started breathing again.

It is unclear as to whether or not Patriot will be able to be put back into the wild.

“The dislocated shoulder and his paralyzed right leg are his major problems right now,” Cooney said Friday.

For now, the eagle is doing fine.

Even this old dog feels for this bird. Best of luck to Patriot.


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