Horse Falls In Pool – Water Polo Eligibility Questionable

funny dog pictures, funny dog blogLooks like it’s turning into Equine Week.

After yesterday’s posting of a horse falling into a basement, today we have an equine taking a dip in the family pool.

Only way I can explain it is there must be something in the oats these nags are getting. Don’t get me wrong, with the heat index as high as it’s been, there is nothing more refreshing than taking a dip in the pool or heading to the coolest place in the house.

Well, nothing other than hanging in a squirrel den eating nuts all day.

My preferred method of staying cool? Laying in an air conditioned house and doing nothing…except begging with my eyes for that bologna in my father’s hand.

“C’mon Sunshine, give me a piece. You know you want to. Yeah that’s right, pull that slab of bologna from the sandwich in your hand and fork it over. You know you want to. Ahh, there you go. Gentle. Now give it to me.” Gulp!

Rinse, repeat.

Fortunately, I’m not averse to being a working dog, and let’s be honest, I had to work for that piece of bologna.

But, let’s get back to horses, pools and staying cool as reported by the Metro.

A specially trained team received the unusual call after a former racehorse found himself stuck in a pool, with the pool’s owner unable to coax him out.

Three teenage boys had been casually taking a dip when they found themselves with an equine visitor.

Brevard County Fire-Rescue spokesman Jeff Taylor explained: ‘One of the horses from the pasture was able to nose his way into the pool enclosure through a slightly ajar door.

‘The boys tried to lead it away, but it got spooked.’

The horse backed away from the patio and into the swimming pool, with attempts to coax the beast out via the pool steps proving unsuccessful.

The homeowner called a vet and the emergency services, who also failed to persuade the horse to leave the pool of his own accord.

The team, specially trained in animal rescue, called in a tow truck which is usually used to haul disabled fire engines.

They placed straps under the horse’s belly and used the truck to lift the horse from the water.

After requiring emergency help, chances this horse has of making the Olympic water polo team is slim.


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