Job Opening For Duckmaster At Hotel

July 27 | 1 Comment

funny animal news - funny dog blogIt’s tough out there.

Try to get a job in this economy and see how long it takes you.

It’s pert near impossible to get a coveted government, make work job.  My brother Goliath is lucky, he has one of those. Not government related but the make work variety.

What’s his job?

Carrying two jars of pickles in his backpack on our daily walks. If that ain’t make work, this dog doesn’t know what is. Fill them up with kibble, kitty snickers, or a dead squirrel and we’re talking about adding real world value, but pickles? C’mon, that doesn’t even sound shovel ready.

A dead squirrel…definitely does…well, at least for the bones.

If one were seriously looking for employment, one would think all the good jobs were already taken. I would agree, or at least I did until I read today’s story.

(WMC-TV) – The historic Peabody Hotel is looking to hire an Assistant Duckmaster.

There are three Peabody Hotels and only six Duckmasters in the world.  Jason Sensat is the Memphis hotel’s Duckmaster.  Simple scheduling allows him time off.

“I’ve got to spend time with the family,” said Sensat.

Sensat’s assistant is stepping down, and the historic hotel is currently seeking an assistant Duckmaster.

An online job posting requires a high school diploma or equivalent, but a good applicant must also demonstrate the ability to work well with the ducks.

Once on the job, a Duckmaster wows crowds and signs autographs for the fans.  They also provide constant care to the ducks.

“It takes a lot of people skills, a lot of patience with animals, and just a strong desire to see people smile,” said Sensat.

Hey, I have people skills, I’m very patient hunting animals, and I love to see people smile. Now I just need to finish getting my GED so I qualify. This job is so close, I can taste it : )



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