Fish Raised On Kit Kat Candy Bar

weird animal news weird dog blogOne of the greatest travesty’s of justice inflicted upon the canine population is the toxicity chocolate has on our health.

We all know God likes a good joke, but this one is just mean spirited.

Would it have killed the big Dog in the sky to make poinsettas or grapes toxic to our system? Oh, he did.

Well, what about peas or spinach instead? Nobody likes eating that stuff, but it’s oh so good for you. At least that’s what the main stream nutritionists tell you.

I find it outright cruel that I don’t stand a lick of a chance of getting a dab of Nutella when the old man plows spoonful after spoonful down his gullet.

“No Bo, this will kill you!” he tells me.

I’ll take the chance.But I never get it.

Heck I don’t even have a chance at a regular candy bar covered in chocolate. Some days I wish I were a fish.

A CHOCOHOLIC fish is being weaned off a diet of KIT KATS after outgrowing its tank.

Aquarium staff were baffled when the 8.8lb giant gourami called Gary rejected normal food after being donated to them.

Then the previous owners of the exotic Asian freshwater fish admitted feeding it only with the chocolate-covered wafers.

Experts at the Sea Life London Aquarium had to put crushed Kit Kat pieces inside grapes and banana slices to tempt the 15.7in-long fish on to a normal diet.

Gary’s handler Rebecca Carter said: “I’ve never heard of a fish being fed chocolate, let alone brought up entirely on the stuff.”

Rebecca added: “Gary doesn’t appear to have suffered ill effects. Most fish wouldn’t be able to survive on Kit Kats but gouramis are very hardy.”

Gary, thought to be seven to ten years old, is not the only Aquarium fish to have picked up odd habits from previous owners. Catfish Ed likes to be stroked on the head as staff feed it by hand.

Well, at least there’s always Sour Patch Kids for me.


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