Horse Grows Moustache – Decides To Keep It

funny dog blogMy old man like’s to grow facial hair.

It’s not because it makes him look good or dangerous.  It’s because he’s lazy.

He shaves once a week whether he needs it or not. Sadly, he’s got the same regiment when it comes to showering.

My mother isn’t a fan. Thank god, because if she were she’d blow his smell my way (Get it, she’s a fan!).  A dog can only handle so many nasty smells before he passes out. By all accounts, I’d never wake up.

About the only thing my father is diligent about is pulling the lint out of his belly button. He’s almost done with his sculpture named “David”. Personally I think it looks more like the Michelin Man than the famous Michelangelo creation, but hey, I’m no art connoisseur.

Anyway, at least when he grows his facial hair it’s the full deal and not a mustache. A horse in the UK should heed that advice.

The seven-inch golden curls sprouted from his lip when he hit maturity, but he has grown so attached to his mo that he refuses to let stable manager Hayley Coxteth anywhere near him to cut it off.

Usually horses will get their ‘tache cut every six months to keep it from getting in their mouth.

But Alfie has been grooming his mo for five years and it has now fully overgrown both top and bottom lips.

Just the sight of scissors makes Alfie toey and he’s been known to bolt across the stable and away to safety just to avoid the snip.

Hayley, 20, told the Daily Mail: ‘He is a very headstrong horse and is very proud of his moustache.funny dog blog

‘He is a real character. A few years ago it was really big and full but it now looks a little scraggy because it’s so long.

‘It was bizarre when I first saw it and my first inkling was we need to shave it off. But he does not let you anywhere near it.

‘You have to be very brave to try and tackle his curls.’

The fussy stallion, who is kept in Bitton, Gloucestershire, doesn’t mind being ridden though and Hayley says Alfie is happy as long as he can keep the mo.

Usually only a rare breed of horse known as the Friesian has been known to grow lengthy whiskers.

And industry experts who have examined Alfie say his moustache could possibly be the longest in Britain.

That thing is worse than a Ron Jeremy moustache.


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