Foiled Scooby Doo Carjacking

Scooby Doo Funny Dog StoriesThere are some things that a dog holds sacred.

His bowl, his hydrant and his heroes.

Before you get any ideas about who falls into the latter category, rest assured few, if any humans reside there. It is strictly reserved for the likes of Rin-Tin-Tin, Cujo and Scooby Doo.

Yeah that’s right, Scooby Freakin’ Doo.

That hound had more guts than a slaughter house on a Friday afternoon. Doo stared fear in the eye until it blinked. There was no ghost he wouldn’t chase, and if it wasn’t for his stoner buddy Shaggy holding him back, there’s no telling what he could have accomplished. World peace was within reach.

I’m not the only one who feels this way. How else to explain the Scooby statues to memorialize his life…and thieves that see the value in having one for there very own.

A gang of thieves met their match after trying to steal a 36-stone statue of Scooby Doo – because they couldn’t lift it onto a getaway truck.

The hapless crooks wheeled the concrete dog 500 yards up the road after swiping it from the front garden of a bungalow in Studd Hill, Herne Bay.

But they fled the scene after the sculpture – which weighs more than two baby elephants – proved too heavy to lift onto the waiting flatbed lorry.

The statue’s owner Diana Dooner, of Vauxhall Avenue, was woken the next morning by a neighbour who found it dumped in Daimler Avenue.

She said: “I couldn’t believe it when she told me Scooby was 500 yards up the road. I was in bed so didn’t have a clue what had gone on.

“She said she saw four men wheel the dog up to this flat-bed truck, but they couldn’t lift him onto it. Eventually they ended up dropping him and broke the concrete base. It was then they decided enough was enough and drove off.

Faced with the task of getting the statue home, Diana called on the help of builders working opposite, who strapped it to a three-ton digger.

“They tied him to it and trundled down the road with him strapped to the front. Everyone was coming out of their houses and having a look. I was so grateful because I have no idea how I would have got it back otherwise.”Driving instructor Diana bought the statue for £450 from an antiques store in Wingham 11 years ago.

Not that everything always has to be about me, but it makes me wonder how heavy my statue will be.


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