Council Dictates Poo To Be Colored Orange

Dog Pooping Cupcakes PIcture Funny Dog PicturesI’m an artist.

I strive to create something wonderful and special every day, and no, I’m not talking about the words I type on this blog. Granted, it’s prose Shakespeare would be proud of, but it’s really my second calling.

My first calling? Sculpting.

To be more precise, forming my poo into works of art.

On days where I don’t feel inspired, I’ll usually create my mass market favorite, The Dairy Queen Swirl. On other days I might create The Coffee Log or The Snake or my favorite, The Splatter.

I know they’re good. Why else would my mother pick them up and save them in little plastic bags?

I know I could do better marketing my creations so more people could take in and enjoy work. If only there were a way to get greater exposure.

Well, I think a guy named Pooperman found a way to do just that.

Members of Reddich Borough Council have decided enough is enough and introduced a new scheme intended to highlight the extent of the foul-smelling problem in the town.

Between now and October, members of the council will be patrolling the streets spraying any dog poo they find orange in the hope that it will help people steer clear and will draw attention to the issue.

Their efforts don’t quite go as far as one man’s in Lincoln, however, who became so annoyed with the dog mess problem in his area that he took matters into his own hands.

Pooperman – as he became known – went around pinning notes to dog poo located on the path between Boultham Park Road and the St Catherines area of the city, warning owners to clean up after their pets.

Lincoln City Council were not impressed with his efforts, however, and said he was actually contributing to the litter problem in the area.

Rather than taking a hands-on approach, the government recommends that people who find dog mess which has not been cleaned up report it to the local council.



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