Bat Takes Delta Flight – Not Charged Baggage Fee

Bat on Plane funny animal newsMy old man isn’t manly.

Last night he sat me down and told me of the time he was under attack from a bat. Not a baseball bat, but one of those things that swoops down on you at dusk.

Apparently he, and his two roommates, were watching TV when a bat suddenly flew into the room. Where it came from nobody knew.

When it appeared each of them scrambled about, climbing over each other to get to the door, all the while screaming like little school girls.

These were strong young men in their early twenties.

Fearful of approaching the bat, they slept in their rooms with the door closed for the next three nights until it finally made its way out.

No wonder I’m the pack leader in this house.

Anyway, it sounds like my father would have really enjoyed this plane ride:

Quite when this animal phenomenon will end nobody knows – however, it seems these stowaways are trying to hitch hike their way around the world.

The latest trouble maker slipped on board a flight bound for Atlanta totally unnoticed and it wasn’t until after take off that it decided to make its grand entrance.

After opening a lavatory, the bat felt the need to stretch its wings and flew up and down the cabin, much to the amazement of passengers who let out shrieks as it passed just over their heads.

Luckily, one such traveller was quick to grab his phone and managed to capture the bizarre incident, which happened on August 5.

The CNN iReporter from Kansas City, who later posted the footage, said: ‘I woke up to a small scream and then I saw the bat fly over my head.

‘I grabbed my phone to get some video as my friends would never believe this. It went up and down the aisle about four to five times before being trapped in the back lavatory.’

The incident forced flight 5121 to turn back around return to its original destination in Madison, Wisconsin, where ground crew managed to catch and release the bat back into the wild.

Here’s video goodness of the incident.


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