Cow Fails To Jump Over the Moon – Hits Car Instead

August 15 | 1 Comment

cow jump fail pictureMy old man grew up next to a farm.

He took me back there once. I was amazed by how many cows roamed the countryside.

At first glance, it appeared the bovine class had the perfect life: large open spaces to run around in, a pond for swimming, and so much poop you couldn’t smell it all in one day.

What a life!

Then I saw the uglier side.

They live in shacks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some uppity dog who places a value on a species based on where they live or what kind of car they get driven around in. Not at all…heck look where I came from.

But these future hamburger patties live in appalling conditions. No air conditioning, no carpets and no TV. It’s enough to make one want to end it all. I suspect that was the reason for this incident.

Robert’s Citroen C5 was written off after a cow leaped three feet over a fence and crashed into the bonnet, breaking a wheel.

The cow was trying to escape a farmer when it escaped into the road in Leeds, according to reports.

Gould skidded almost 80 yards on impact, ending up on the other side of the road as he tried to stop. Luckily escaped with just minor cuts and bruises.

Robert, 24, told The Sun: I was driving along when a cow jumped out and landed on my bonnet. It had hurdled a three-foot high fence and hit the front of my car.

‘I had no time to brake and my car veered to the other side of the road. I was very lucky that nothing was coming in the opposite direction.

‘The police were very nice about everything, although I don’t think they could quite believe it either.

‘I am now looking out for low-flying cows when I am driving.’

For those who believe safety-officer Gould may have had a bit too much on the day the incident happened can relax. Robert was given a breath-test for alcohol which came back negative.


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