Dog Jumps From Plane – Survives

dog blog otis the skydiving dogI’m not much of a risk taker…anymore.

At my age, I prefer the comforts of a soft bed and a body fitting pillow over a death dash with local traffic.

Let’s be honest, if I were in a hostage situation (ahem…Dog Day Afternoon, anyone?), I’d be released first, before the women and children. I guess that’s just the nature of growing old.

An old dog can learn new tricks, it’s just that he (me!) doesn’t want to.

Really, I can’t be bothered to be out there in the real world, trying new things.

For me, there’s no need to find a unique place to go planking. Nope. I have no desire to sit owling in public. Heck I don’t even have an ounce of motivation to use wet wipes instead of regular toilet paper after a good dump.

But for every one of me, there’s another, more active dog out there. Just like this pug forced to jump out of a plane at the ripe old age of 70.

Three, two, one – woofee-doo! Meet Otis the skydiving pug, who loves to get airborne with his his thrill-seeking owner Will DaSilva.

The ten-year-old pooch is quite the veteran when it comes to jumping from planes.

The latest pictures see him posing, with ‘doggles‘ and all, during his 64th tandem skydive.

Strapped into his custom-made harness, Otis will sit patiently on the lap of owner Will as their plane climbs toward altitude, but when the jumping light goes on he tucks in underneath and stretches his paws out like a bird.

His first jump was a quick five-second 3,000ft ‘hop and pop’ to see if he liked the experience and ever since then he’s been licking his lips at the prospect of getting up in the air.

‘He’s totally aware of what’s happening when he free falls and just like a first-time jumper he gets all excited about it and gets nervous at the door.

‘Once he’s out though he’s just having a ball like a dog with its head out of the car window.’

Will claims that despite the danger of skydiving Otis’ main concerns are his unhealthy eating habits, with his nickname being ‘Hoover’.'He’s (probably) going to die of a food overdose, not from sky-diving,’ he said

Don’t give me any grief about the misleading title. Technically it’s true.


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