Llamas Top Dogs in Obedience Class

dog pictures - llama in dog training schoolSit. Stay.

That’s the only thing I remember from my Good Canine Citizens Certification class, although I don’t follow the commands today.

It makes my parents feel better about themselves when they say those two words in front of people, expecting me to obey.

After a full minute of them trying to push my booty down on the ground, it invariably ends with a comment like, “He’s usually much better than this.”

My parents know it’s a lie, I know it’s a lie, and most of all the people they’re talking to know it’s a lie.

So who’s to blame? Many will say it’s because I didn’t go to a good school, but c’mon, we all know it’s not where you go but who you know.

Want to go far in life, hang with a successful pack.

Me? Clearly, I’ve decided to rough it in this go around of life.

Let’s see how long it takes the llamas in the article below to figure out what’s really important in life.

A group of seven llamas and an alpaca were taken to obedience lessons by their doting owners Tim and Terri Crowfoot after hearing about how smart the animals could be.

To the Southampton couple’s utter surprise, the llamas flourished and were soon showing the canine students how it was done.

The couple were hoping the herd could be taught a few simple commands but were shocked to find they could fetch, roll over and even complete a mini doggy assault course.

Terri, 65, said: ‘We knew llamas were intelligent, so we thought we’d try to teach them to sit and stay – the same as a dog.

‘We never expected how well they’d take to the obedience lessons though – and they were doing more and more every day.’

The llamas have even taken to pulling the couple around town and country lanes, after they were taught how to pull a cart.

David, Dillon, Thomas, Oscar, Toby, Mary, Ann and Bansky train for about one to three hours a day, their favourite game being fetch which makes ‘their little faces light up’.

Tim, 66, added: ‘Our friends think it’s hilarious – but as long as the llamas are happy and having fun, then so are we.’



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