Gone Fishing for Prosthetic Leg

dog pictures - Fish shaped like a legSome days I need to reach a little when it comes to animal stories to write about.

Today is one of those days, a mini drought in the veritable  rainforest of goofy animal happenings.

Today’s topic, fishing.

Sadly, it’s not about a guppy or a dolphin or a shark. Heck, it’s not even about Abe Vigoda.

No, it’s about a human going fishing.

It’s hunting for the water crowd, but instead of taking down wild animals that can kill, it’s all about throwing a string into water and hope some dumb fish will swallow it.

Usually some armless, legless fish is pulled from the water, clubbed over the head and eaten for dinner. But not in today’s story.

ALEXANDRIA, Minn. (KSAX) – Three years after a Morris woman lost her prosthetic leg on Lake Ida, a Wisconsin woman fished it out and returned it.

It happened over the Fourth of July weekend; Beth Krohn went fishing while at her lake home on Lake Ida. She was out on the lake for about an hour when she felt a snag, but when she started to reel in her line, she quickly began to realize she caught something and it wasn’t a fish.

“It kept coming up and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh!’” Krohn said. “I hope it’s not a dead body. We got it up and it was a prosthetic leg.”

Pam Riley is from Morris, but she also has a lake home on Lake Ida. She lost her prosthetic leg three years ago while swimming.

After Beth caught the keeper that morning, she called a few places in Alexandria hoping to find its rightful owner. She ended up calling Advanced O and P in Alexandria; turns out she reeled in the leg right in the nick of time.

“We told (the receptionist) we found this prosthetic leg,” Krohn said. “She started laughing and said she was going to put me on hold. She said the lady who lost was there in the office and she wanted to talk to me.”

“How can you top that?” Krohn said. “It’s like going deer hunting and shooting the biggest buck of all.”

It’s like going deer hunting and shooting the biggest buck of all? Uhmm, not really. It’s more like going deer hunting and finding a prosthetic leg in the woods.


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