Bunny Needs Gamblers Annonymous

September 6 | 4 Comments

You ever notice that a lot of folks love to drink, smoke and gamble? If you don’t think that’s the case, all you need to do is catch a half hour of any show on A/E during prime time.

I admit my family is no different than others and have these issues.

My father is a drinker…of 3 pints of draft beer a week.

My mother is a smoker…of every dinner she’s made this year.

My sister Copper is a gambler…on her farts not killing everyone in the house.

Me? I do what I want. If I want a drink, I go to my bowl of water. If I want smokes, I steal them from Fonzy’s shirt sleeve. If I want to gamble, I ride shotgun with my mother driving.

We all live sinfully. Even rabbits.

The Worcester News has the story of Daisy and her decadent lifestyle.

IT was a case of “slot’s up doc?” for this pub-loving rabbit, who has become addicted to the fruit machine at a Worcestershire pub.

Daisy the rabbit – who is actually a male – even enjoys drinking cider while having a cheeky flutter at the Prince of Wales in Malvern.

Ian Randall, landlord at the Newtown road pub, moved Daisy into the bar two weeks ago to escape the big freeze.

Mr Randall said his bunny hasn’t bugged the locals by hogging the fruit machine and most drinkers have been amazed by his bizarre behaviour.

“He’s quite an inquisitive rabbit, and he keeps on looking at the flashing lights and reaching up to have a go. The locals have to keep a careful watch on where they stand when they are having a flutter, because Daisy is usually right behind them waiting to have a go himself.”

“However, there is a handful of drinkers here who would probably rather put him into a stew though,” Mr Randall said.

Fruit machines are just a gateway platform to Wii addiction.


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  4. Gothikid on October 20th, 2011 10:02 pm

    I don’t know what will happen if this bunny-wabbit sees Vegas.

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