Bear Fails Pottery Class

September 14 | Hmmm...No Comments Yet

We’ve all been caught in embarrassing moments, including me.

I’ve run into a tree, been mounted by a miniature poodle, and caught failing to wash my paws after I peed. They’re momentary transgressions that we all hope will pass into the dustbin of history. Of course that assumes no pictures were taken.

Now I read about a bear, a jug and a tight squeeze…and 0h, a camera.

If you ask me it’s a bit derivative of Winnie the Pooh, but WMTW claims to have the truthful story behind the picture.

State biologist Forrest Hammond, along with some help from firefighters and police, spent about 45 minutes Sunday afternoon getting the old-fashioned milk jug off the 120-pound bear’s head, according to Vermont Fish and Wildlife spokesman John Hall.

The bear was found meandering through the woods, bumping into boulders and trees with the milk jug stuck on its head.

Hammond had to tranquilize the bear and first tried to soap up his head and pull the milk jug off, but that didn’t work and he eventually had to use metal shears to get it loose.

“He was probably out on his own this spring, and desperate for food, and made a mistake,” Hall said.


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