Duck Out of Water

October 13 | 1 Comment

BrownieI heart all baked goods.

During Christmas I always enjoy my mother’s demented, serial killing gingerbread men, herĀ  leaning tower of Pisa pound cake, and most of all the sugar cookies she buys from the Publix bakery.

Overall, I’d say my favorites are peanut butter cookies, liver flavored cupcakes and bone marrow muffins. MMM, mmm, good.

Of course my cullinary exploration must stop at the border of Chocolate City. Many a pup has ventured in, but not one has come out.

Maybe that’s where the myth of the Great Brownie comes from. That most elusive moist, succulent dough forever infused with pecans and deep, dark chocolate that every dog is instinctively drawn to. Maybe.

Or maybe it’s just a segway into a story about a daffy duck named Brownie who got himself into a little bit of trouble. The Telegraph has the story.

Brownie, a four month-old Aylesbury cross khaki-Campbell, was found wedged in the overflow tube at her home in Chalford Hill, near Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Chris and Karen Hutchens dialled the county fire service’s out-of-hours number on Saturday morning after their daughter Ellen, 13, begged them to get Brownie out.

”It was such a relief when a fire engine turned up and they started digging the hole, the pipe was about 4ft underground but they kept going, they were wonderful and really went beyond the call of duty.

”Brownie is so much a part of our family and so it is amazing that she made it, I really didn’t think we would get her out.”

The family first grew concerned on Friday when Brownie didn’t come up from the pond with their five other ducks.

They first thought she had been eaten by a fox, until a friend clearing the pond heard a quack from the bottom of the overflow pipe.

A fire service spokeswoman confirmed that the crew arrived just before 9.30am and had rescued the duck unharmed by 3.40pm.

The team dug a trench to reach the pipe and get the duck out.

I give credit to these fine firemen. Sure it took six hours to rescue the duck but in the end they managed to get a brownie a dog could finally eat, and live to tell about.


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