Dog Rescued From Can of Cat Food

October 24 | 5 Comments

You ever get so hungry you’d eat cat poop?

I know I have, but sometimes the litter box is empty forcing me to scrounge around the house looking for alternatives.

I’ll check under the couch cushions (the old man is a slob and lots of food gets stuck there, along with a lot of change), on top of short tables and even go so far as to check the bathroom floor.

Of course my personal favorite thing to do when  I’m at starvation death’s door is to go the way of the garbage pail. I knock it over, spread around the goodies and feast on rotting, leftover human food. Mmmm, tasty.

I read this morning of a very young pup who’s well on his way of following me in my paw prints. It made me proud to read the North West Evening Mail tell the story.

Irene Thompson woke at 7.30am on Tuesday to find her kitchen had been ransacked by her German Shepherd, Tia.

She then discovered one of her three-week-old ‘German Shepusky’ puppies – cross-bred husky and German Shepherd puppies – in distress.

A crew from Barrow fire station had to cut the unnamed pup free after it got stuck in an empty tin of Mrs Thompson’s cat Spice’s food.

Mrs Thompson, of Dalton Road, Askam, said: “I got up and it was devastation in my kitchen.

“The mother had eaten a bag of dog biscuits.

“I looked down and this little puppy had her head stuck in a tin, just a normal-sized tin of Whiskas cat food.

“I tried pulling it off but she started making these little noises.

“I had to puncture a hole in the tin so she could breathe.”

Mrs Thompson then called a friend, who rang the fire brigade to see if they could help.

Minutes later, a fire officer from Barrow’s white watch had arrived at Mrs Thompson’s house.

She said: “A fire chief came in his car and said a fire engine would be there soon.

“A full crew were there.

“They cut the rim of the tin and then pulled it back.

“I would never have been able to do that myself because I have arthritis.

“She [the puppy] was very brave throughout it.

“I can’t thank them [the firefighters] enough.”

The tough mutt escaped her ordeal unharmed.

The pup, who gained the nickname Whiskas from the incident, is part of a litter of 11.

Don’t judge…this could just as easily have happened to a cat or more likely, a pygmy goat.

Here’s a link to the video.


5 Responses to “Dog Rescued From Can of Cat Food”

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  2. PetDogPro on December 31st, 2011 2:34 am

    I used to see this at a kennel I worked at as a kid. It can be quite comical to watch a pup with its head in a can and scary at the same time. I never had to cut one off a puppy. Usually the head just pops out without a problem.  

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