Holiday Wines For Dog Lovers

Kensy, he’s a dog with a cause. Rescued from death row and given a second chance at life, now this dog has decided it’s time to give back. In partnership with Benefit Wines, The Good Dogma Company is introducing their new line of charity wines – WINE MORE, BARK LESS – a lineup of six estate grown imported wines. posted about

All wines are paw harvested and 100% adoptable. You can choose from: Cat Chaser Chardonnay, Muttin But Malbec, Lucky Pup Pinot, Fetch Me A Cabernet, Bitchin’ Sauvignon, and Best In Show Merlot. There’s a wine that’s perfect for you or the dog lover in your life.

Kensy, the dog in charge, was adopted in October 2008 during a pet adoption day at Petco. The trip to Petco started off innocently enough, a stop to buy Halloween costumes for the couples’ two dogs at home. Sometimes fate steps in and you have a new dog and no costumes.

In this case, a sister along with fate stepped in. She was visiting and thought a dog there looked like Bo, the chow/retriever the couple had recently lost. She jumped out of the moving car and ran towards the dog cages. By the time the car was parked the dog was on a leash ready for his new home. Just because the ‘helper’ of this adoption lived in NY and the adopter lived in GA this didn’t seem to be a deterrent.

In speaking with the shelter worker, they learned that the dog had been pulled from death row. They were told when the rescue went to pull some dogs they only had room to save a few but when she looked into Kensy’s eyes she couldn’t leave him. They also found out that he had been adopted out the week prior but was returned because he had ‘worms.’ He didn’t. Strangely, his profile on Petfinder kept disappearing as well.

Some people would say it’s fate, others coincidence, but The Good Dogma Company believes it’s karma: Kensy’s Karma.

The Good Dogma Company was founded on the philosophy that dog lovers have a different kind of good karma, it’s Good Dogma. Their goal is to help homeless dogs by donating a portion of every sale from The Good Dogma Company towards dog rescue. They hope to inspire other dog lovers to join them in making a difference. It’s as easy as sharing a bottle of wine with friends.

Wine More, Bark Less makes a great holiday gift for the dog lover in your life. Sit. Stay. Wine…for a cause.


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