Tales From A Therapy Dog

Kensy, our fuzzy pal from The Good Dogma Company, had his visit to the nursing home today to spread some joy and love.  Today turned into a bit of a special visit….

I just got back from my nursing home visit. When you go your hope is to brighten someone’s day, make a difference in their life. Sometimes it’s the other way around. Today was one of those days.

I met a woman who was recovering from a stroke. As we started talking she told us that her granddaughter and niece were both diagnosed with leukemia about 10 days apart. Her son was off to Afghanistan and here she was recovering in a nursing home.  She shared some family history with me, very interesting family, and her attitude was amazing. You would think with everything going on she would curl up in a ball and not want to get up, nope.

She talked about...


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