Inspiration Jewelry Inpsired By The Dog

When you start a business sometimes you can use a little financial help. Recently I’ve been sharing wisdom from  The Good Dogma Company, a wonderful business that also gives back to homeless dogs. Today I’m helping to spread the word about their new fundraising campaign with Indiegogo.

The Good Dogma Company was founded on the philosophy that dog lovers have a different kind of karma, it’s good dogma. I wanted to offer a line for pets and their people, items for ensuring Good Dogma will follow wherever life may take you.

 I started designing my own jewelry and realized that is where my true passion lies. I design all our jewelry and then each sterling silver (925) piece is individually made, hand finished, and comes packaged in our signature lime green box with a message card.

 My newest line, Woofs of Wisdom© is what I’m looking to help get funding for. While working on another jewelry line I was posting my Woofisms: Woofs of Wisdom© on FB every day. I use a photo of my dogs with an original saying. I started to get a following, folks leaving me messages telling me how much my posts mean to them. That was the impetus for my new line.

 I love jewelry, especially inspirational pieces, and I have a passion for dogs and dog rescue. The jewelry is inspired by my dog, Kensy, who is the dog behind the dogma. He went from death row to therapy dog and now brings joy and love to those he visits. Since we all know the best advice comes from the dog it’s through Kensy’s eyes that I spread inspiration and wisdom. There are other lines of inspirational jewelry but they use famous quotes, I use all my own original quotes. While a few of my pieces are dog related the majority are for anyone who needs some inspiration in their life, this line transcends dog lovers.

 The moulds are very expensive for these pieces because they must be done in steel due to the small writing. I have an entire line in mind but need to be able to afford the moulds along with advertising to get the word out.

 With your help I will be able to grow this line and also help homeless dogs at the same time. I have four rescue dogs (okay, one foster failure) and donate a portion of all proceeds to dog rescue. The Good Dogma Company is about doing good, giving back, and inspiring others to do the same.

 It’s just good dogma, after all.

Kensy, Chief Executive Pup

Lisa, Mom & Founder

If you want to see the full campaign, learn how you can help, and receive a gift for doing so head over to Indiegogo and check it out.


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