Life of a Therapy Dog

March 23 | 1 Comment

A featured post from our furry friend Kensy at The Good Dogma Company. He’s the dog behind the dogma.

Just got back from my nursing home visit, it was bittersweet. I met some new folks in rehab who were very excited to meet me and got to visit with all my regular friends which was great.

 However, there is a patient whose husband has visited her every day for the last two years that she has been there. Such a sweet couple. The gentleman had been missing the last three visits which really worried mom. Today she found out he is now in the facility with brain cancer. Not too much you can say when someone tells you that. Life can be unfair.

 Mom was pretty upset but she realizes that if we didn’t go to the nursing home it wouldn’t change anyone’s situation but we would be missed. Folks enjoy our visit and it wouldn’t be right to deprive them of that just because it gets real hard sometimes.


 Kensy, The Dog


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  1. pets on March 29th, 2013 7:22 am

    Dogs are great therapists too! I don’t know how but they’ve got me stress free for years, I love my dogs and I know the love and trust they gave to you is priceless.

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