A Tale Of Two Dogs

Happy 5th B-Day Bethany! Today is Bethany’s 5th b-day, but it is so much more than that. It’s a good day for me to make folks aware of puppy mills.

As most of you know we have Bethany and Gobeth5_DSC4198liath. It’s really a tale of two dogs.

Goliath was bought by a guy from a breeder. Not a puppy mill. Although the guy decided to give Goliath up because he was never home he really did love him. As a matter of fact, he still emails mom for updates. Goliath has never known anything but kindness, fun, and love. And then there’s Bethany.

Bethany was kept caged, beaten, barely fed, and abused until she was rescued at auction last February. She had no name because to the puppy mill she was nothing more than a commodity to make money. She didn’t know humans could be kind and loving or what it was like to just be a dog. It’s been four months now and she’s come a long way. Which also goes to show these dogs can come back if given a chance. Their spirit may have been broken but it’s still there.

Bethany has made so much progress since we’ve had her and although she still has a long way to go every day we see a little peek into the silly girl waiting to come out. She is our third puppy mill girl and each one (Logan, Patience, and now Bethany) has taught us so many things. Life lessons we already knew but taught to us in a different way. Some of you know we tragically lost our beautiful girl Patience in August and that is what led us to Bethany. Sometimes I don’t know who needs who more. We are so grateful she is in our life.

I’m going to share Logan’s story (our first puppy mill boy) because that really gives some good insight to what these dogs are like. If you read it and then you hear someone talking about buying a puppy maybe you can share your wisdom. If it gets one person not to buy one it’s worth it.

While today is Bethany’s 5th B-Day it is also her first free one. So truly it’s more like her first b-day and a great way to celebrate the start of all the wonderful things to come. Wishing our girl a beautiful love filled day. Woof! -Kensy, The Dog


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