Dog Sled Taxi Service Begins In Norway

Funny Pet News Dog Sled TaxiIt’s tough out there my friends. Trying to get a job in this global economy can be tricky, especially if you aren’t human.

Heaven knows I’ve tried to get a piece of the proverbial pie, but alas I sit here jobless, just blogging for free as fast as my paws allow me.

I’m not alone. My brothers and sisters (Goliath, Kensy, Bethany and Mothball) are all takers from society too, only able to give back oodles of love in return. If only there were a way to earn some coin and get some exercise as a bonus. Too bad we don’t live in Norway to qualify for a cool job.

A dog sled picked up the first two passengers from Kirkenes Airport on Wednesday morning, taking them on a 45-minute trek through the snow to the nearby Kirkenes Snow Hotel.
“It was a fantastic trip back ,”  said Ronny Østrem, the hotel’s chief executive and the driving force behind the idea. “We met a hundred reindeer on the way back as we were driving south, and we had he sun right in our nose. It really felt good to get started.”
To launch the service,  the first of its kind in Norway, the hotel needed to secure the backing of Norway’s defence services, the local municipality, and the authority that oversees  reindeer in the region.
“Hopefully in a few weeks, we will offer this as an exclusive transfer from the airport, directly to our snow hotel, and it’s going to be offered for everyone,” Østrem continued.
He said he hoped that the service would encourage more tourists to come to Kirkenes.

The taxi trip will not come cheap, however, with Østrem estimating it will cost some 2300 NOK ($372) at a time.

One word of caution, the meter is always running so those pee breaks can really add up the charges.


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