How To Find The Perfect Valentine

Are you lookingcoppervalIMG_1305 for a pair of baby blues to stare longingly into? Still haven’t met the perfect one? Don’t spend another Valentine’s Day alone, I have a solution, dog adoption.

You can meet that special four-legged companion to share dinner and a movie, exercise with, or just spend the day lounging around.

When my husband and I adopted our first dog, about 15 years ago, he was around 11 months old. Eight years later we adopted Copper, she was around 6 months. It wasn’t so much that we set out to adopt younger dogs, it just happened.

We recently added another member into our family, Logan, who is a 5 five year old Bernese mountain dog rescue.

Logan has taught us how much joy adopting an older dog can bring. Being an abused dog from a puppy mill he missed out on all the fun things a normal dog would experience. Everything is new to him; running, playing, taking walks, being loved.

The first time Logan wagged his tail I think I must have stood around grinning for about an hour. Originally, when we were looking to adopt a Berner rescue, I admit, we were looking for a dog no older than two. One of the people from BARC mentioned Logan to us, which was when we started to consider adopting an older dog.

We knew that there will always be people to adopt the puppies, everyone loves a puppy, but the older ones often get left behind. People are afraid they’re to set in their ways or that they won’t be around that long.

It always seems when older dogs are adopted they are so appreciative because they sense how lucky they are, they have so much love to give. The fact is that no one knows how much time we’re going to get with our dog, some die young while others live to a ripe old age. Life offers no guarantees, sometimes you just have to take a chance.

There are many great benefits to adopting an older dog. They are housebroken, usually already trained, and for the couch potato, they don’t need as much exercise as puppies. There’s even a senior dog, Bo that recently had his memoir published. The book, Bad To The Bone: Memoir Of A Rebel Doggie Blogger, is the first national non-fiction memoir published under the dog’s name. Not bad for a writer in a fur suit, who knows what your new family member is capable of.

But don’t do it for the holiday– do it because dogs offer us unconditional love on a scale rarely experienced. There is nothing sadder than seeing a senior dog that has been dumped at a shelter when this is the time they need unconditional love.

There are dog adoption events going on around the country, some even offering waived adoption fees. You can adopt your new pal for free. All you need to do in look online or in your local paper to check out some of the wonderful Valentine’s Day dog adoption events.




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