Rules to Riding Shotgun

It is gorgeous here today which means I get to go to for a ride over to the park. Like Doublemint gum, ‘Double your pleasure, double your fun’. What’s really fun is riding shotgun but when you’re compeshotgunIMG00337-20100827-1137ting with your family members for this coveted position there are rules to follow. Here’s a cheat sheet to help out.

1. You must ‘bark’ shotgun to stake your claim.

2. It must be barked outside, not when you hear ‘Wanna go for a ride?”

3. Barking shotgun must be within sight of the dogmobile.  If it is too hard to tell which dog barked it first you can always settle it with a game of treat, paper, paws. Although having unopposable thumbs does make this method a little hard.

4. As an added bonus the winner also gets control of the a/c.

5. Trying to squeeze a paw between the seats does not get you the coveted position.

Good luck and most of all have fun. Woof! -Kensy, The Dog


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