A Walk In The Park

poopsIMG_0881We had a great walk today. Mom was especially happy because we hit the poo trifecta. You know, all three of us took a poo a in the woods. If you poo in the woods and no one is there to see it did it happen? Whoops, got sidetracked. Anyway, Goliath took an extra so there was a bonus poo. This makes mom happy because it’s less for her to scoop in the yard.

The good thing about walking with Goliath is that you always know when he is going to poo, he has his own built in warning system. For the first poo he’ll fart a few times. Sometimes you don’t hear them but trust me when I say you know he did. Mom can confirm this because she is usually walking behind him.

If there is going to be a bonus poo from him this is when the early warning system really comes in handy. Why? Because this one has the consistency of mud and I won’t even discuss the smell. You don’t want to be standing close. You’ll know it’s going to happen because you’ll hear a squeak sneak out followed by a loud fart. Next you’ll get a loud squeaky fart and then lookout.

So us pups were happy because we got a ride, fresh air, and exercise. Mom was happy because she doesn’t have to clean the yard giving her the night off. And dad was happy because mom was happy. He’s a smart man. It was a good day for everyone. That is all. Woof! – Kensy, The Dog


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