Not Happy With Your Vet?

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We had a vet that we went to for over 10 years and were very happy. Unfortunately everything changed about six months ago when she left the practice. Although there was another vet there she wasn’t ‘our’ vet and we didn’t have the relationship with her that we had with ours.  Since we had been with this practice for so long, the staff was practically like family, we decided to stay. However, after visiting the new vet on a number of occasions my husband and I just weren’t happy, we decided it was time to search for a new vet. Way Cool Dogs shared an informative article on 5 warning signs to look for that you may need a new vet.

To find a new vet mgotconeIMG_7337ay be necessary from time to time for pet owners. Taking your pet to the veterinarian is a stressful time for both you and your furry friend, and having a vet you can trust is essential. Not all vets, however, are equally competent to properly care for your dog, cat or other pets.

 Here are five warning signs that should send you running to find a new vet. Another warning sign is when your instincts tell you something is wrong with how your vet cares for your pet.

A dirty environment in a vet office

One of the most obvious ways to spot a less than desirable vet is to look around the office and examing room. Vet facilities that are dirty or dingy usually mean there are deeper issues brewing in the practice.

A dirty vet clinic puts your pet at greater risk of contracting infections and diseases. While you are at the vet, checking floors and exam tables for cleanliness as well as making sure instruments are properly sterilized will help you ensure facilities are in the right shape to care for your pet. Any problems in this area are a clear sign that you need to start vet shopping.

Inappropriate handling of pets

If you are at the vet, chances are you have a sick animal in a certain amount of pain. Animals in pain behave much differently than healthy pets. They are more likely to lash out.

A good vet must know the basics of animal behavior and how to appropriately handle sick animals. If your vet is too rough or shows any signs of practicing inappropriate behavior modification, begin your search for a new vet.

Vets who rush pets through

If the vet is good, their office will be busy. This does not mean that they should rush through the examination in order to get to the next patient.

A good vet will hire on more staff to accommodate increased demand or refer new patients to an excellent colleague. Do not go back to a vet that acts as if your pet is an inconvenience or worth only a few moments of attention.

Disregard details about sick pets

While your veterinarian should be an expert on animal behavior, each pet has a distinct personality.

You are the expert on what is normal behavior for your particular pet, and your vet should take that into consideration. If your vet ignores your details regarding strange and unusual behavior your pet is exhibiting, it is time to switch clinics.

A well-qualified vet in your area, like Markham vet clinic Brimley-Lawrence Animal Clinic, will know the importance of getting detailed information on any out of the ordinary behavior from your pet. This will allow the most accurate diagnosis and care for your pet.

If your vet seems uninterested in these details, consider not returning again.

Pushing pet products

A good vet will make recommendations and referrals for products they think will be healthy and helpful to your pet.

Ethical vets will never make recommendations for products that are useless or not good for your favorite animal. If you find your vet making a hard-sell on a product, they may be receiving a kickback from the company. If you suspect your vet is making inappropriate recommendations in exchange for money, you should immediately find a new vet.

The health and comfort of your furry friend should always be the top priority of your veterinarian. If there are any signs to the contrary, do not hesitate to find a vet that cares. Finding a vet who truly understands and cares for your pet is worth the effort you invest to find a new vet.

 Samantha Stainsburry is a student at the University of Virginia, where she is studying nursing. She has an energetic 2 year old pet boxer named Gilligan and a love for other people’s cats. Information on proper veterinary treatment credit of Brimley-Lawrence Animal Clinic.

In our case it wasn’t any of these specific things that made us want to change.  The relationship with the new vet was just not a good fit, the trust and level of comfort we had with our old vet wasn’t there. We started asking friends who they were using and even spoke to our holistic vet to see if she had a recommendation. After deciding on a few possibilities I went to meet with them.  Yes, you have every right to ‘interview’ a potential new vet. We have now found a new vet who we feel is the perfect choice for our furry family.





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  2. Purrsngrrs on October 21st, 2014 4:28 pm

    Like every other relationship, it takes time to build trust with a Vet. Some pets are not just doctors but also animal lovers.

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