Lick Me, I’m Irish

Happy St. Paddy’s Day tiStock_000016790257XSmallo everyone. While you’re out there celebrating here are some fun facts on 7 Irish dog breeds.

Written on 03/16/2014 by in About Breeds, Front Page News

1. The Irish Setter: This energetic and intelligent Sporting group dog is well known for it’s loving and affectionate spirit. A wonderful addition to any family, Irish Setters are quick to bond, especially with children and other animals. From their beautiful mahogany red coat to their extraordinarily happy temperament, Irish Setters make the perfect canine companion.

2. Glen of Imaal: One of the lesser-known of the Irish breeds, the Glen of Imaal is a short, playful and energetic terrier. Despite their small size and stature, these little dogs are quite brave and spirited, especially on the hunt for small game like fox and vermin. Because of their strong hunting instincts, it’s best to keep them away from smaller pets, like cats or hamsters, but the Glen of Imaal will make a great family pet, nonetheless.

3. Irish Terrier: Another energetic terrier from Ireland, the Irish Terrier, is a medium sized, thick-coated, adventurous hunting dog. Known for their loyalty and affectionate nature, they are also quite entertaining! Because of their intelligence, they are naturally inquisitive and very playful. Irish Terriers will make great companion pets, but may require an owner that can devote a lot of time to training and early socialization because of this breed’s strong protective instincts.

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