Police Dogs: Four Legged Heroes


AnaheimPD/via Twitter

A police K-9 in California was shot in the face in the line of duty. Probation officers who were searching for a gunman had a violent shootout in an alley. Bruno, the police dog, jumped in and ended up taking a bullet that almost ended his life saving others in process.  Here’s more from the Daily News.

A police dog miraculously survived a bullet to the face after a gunman opened fire during a confrontation in a California alley on Thursday, officials said.

As soon as he fired the round, the suspect was later shot and killed by police.

The 7-year-old dog, Bruno, was wounded during the violent ordeal that erupted after probation officers searched an Anaheim building about 2 p.m. — when the three men suddenly fled and darted into a nearby alley, according to KNBC-TV.

One of the men fired at the officers, but no one was hit.

After police called a K-9 unit to help search for the trio, Bruno found one of the men hiding in a trash bin, cops said.

But the man pulled out a gun and squeezed off at least one round that shattered the dog’s lower jaw bone and pierced through his chest, police said.

Cops opened fire on the gunman, killing him at the scene.

“He probably saved three officers’ lives,” Anaheim Police Lieutenant Tim Schmidt told the local NBC affiliate.

Bruno, one of six dogs in the K-9 unit, was rushed to an emergency vet and underwent surgery, which included doctors removing part of the dog’s lung.

“We should know in the next 12 hours whether the dog will make it or not,” Schmidt said early Friday.

Police said they captured one of two remaining suspects soon after the shooting. One man remained at large on Friday.

None of the three men were immediately identified.

Bruno is expected to remain at the veterinarian’s office for at least six weeks. A Facebook page, Friends of the Anaheim Police K9 Association, was created to collect donations for Bruno’s medical bills.

“He’s like a child for us,” Schmidt said. “We were very thankful to have him.”

These dogs really are the unsung heroes of police work.  Giving Bruno a big four paws up and wishing him a speedy recovery. Bruno you’re our hero of the day.


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