Was Bo Obama Ousted From The White House?

If a dog pees in the WhiFunny Dog Blog - Dog Training, Dog food secrets, dog recipeste House could he really be ousted? It doesn’t seem possible. I peed on the Christmas tree, twice, and I’m still in my home. It looks like Bo might have a little problem of his own.

The President’s “First Dog” Bo Obama, a Portuguese Water Dog, has been accused of desecrating the Oval Office. According to White House insiders, last week President Obama was meeting with members of his cabinet to discuss extending the deadline for healthcare enrollment (again), when the dog became “anxious and excited” and then lifted his leg to relieve himself on the corner of the historic Resolute desk.

The President’s Desk has been a fixture in the Oval Office since 1879, and has been used by almost every President since then. Although many dogs have spent time among the halls of the White House and slept at their President’s feet by that very desk, none before Bo have ever tried to urinate on it.

An intern who works in the West Wing told The Dogington Post, “People were running around like crazy, looking for mops and paper towels and cleaning supplies. It was mayhem!” Secretary of State, John Kerry was seen grabbing handfuls of napkins from the White House kitchen.

Representatives from the GOP called for immediate impeachment of the First Dog, claiming that urinating in the sacred office is an act of treason.

To get the full scoop and all the dirty details head on over to  The Dogington Post.


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