Craigslist Reunites Lost Dog With Owner

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Not lost dog, just a puppy.

Social media may have it’s pros and cons but reuniting a lost dog with their owner is definitely a big pro.  Having dogs who have gotten loose before and not knowing where they were for a matter of hours I know how devastating it is.

It used to be you would just drive around and put up missing dog signs but now with social media you can not only get the word out quickly but also get it to the thousands of folks.  We all know the more people out there looking the better chance you have of reuniting with your dog. This story out of Texas goes to show how powerful social media can be.

BAYTOWN, Texas -Hercules is a 9-month-old Shih-Tzu poodle who may not be famed warrior like his namesake, but he sure has a tale to tell.

“God only knows, if he could talk, where he has been,” Bonnie Reynolds said.

Reynolds’ daughter, Brittany, is Hercules’ owner. After a recent visit to see Reynolds in Baytown, Brittany was driving with Hercules back home to Ft. Bliss in El Paso, where her husband is stationed.

It was right near San Antonio. Brittany was OK, but Hercules was nowhere to be found.

“We searched for him for hours and found nothing,” Reynolds said.

The family immediately turned to social media, posting a picture of Brittany and Hercules on Facebook and sharing it with San Antonio’s Humane Society. About five days after the crash, they got a call.

“It’s amazing how quickly it got out there by social media,” Reynolds said.

Someone who had apparently seen the photo given to the Humane Society, also spotted a “found dog” posting on Craigslist. In both photos the dog was wearing the same green harness.

Reynolds believes that green harness helped make the connection.

“He has no collar, no tags, no chip, just his green harness,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds says she cried tears of joy while on her way to San Antonio to pick up Hercules. She says the lady who found Hercules after the crash and posted his photo to Craigslist,  took good care of him, feeding and cleaning him.

Unfortunately, after the crash, Brittany took a flight back to El Paso, so she wasn’t able to bring Hercules with her.

The family is now looking for a way to get Hercules back to El Paso. If you know of a way to help, you can email Bonnie Reynolds:


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