Review Of Canidae Healthy Dog Treats

April 16 | 5 Comments


Bethany, Kensy, Goliath

Bethany, Kensy, Goliath


I was contacted by a representative of Canidae Natural Pet Food Company to see if we would try and review their new line of grain free dog treats and Life Stages Bakery Snacks.. Of course they had me at treat. 

I received a pack of  Life Stages Bakery Snacks With Lamb, Wild Rice & Sweet Potato and PURE Heaven Biscuits With Duck & Chickpeas  grain free dog treats. This was great since I just started feeding two of our dogs grain free food and the other treats are only made with seven nutritious ingredients which I also like.

One thing I really like about this company is that their food and treats are made in the U.S.A. Here’s a little about the treats and the company.

CANIDAE® Grain Free PURE Heaven treats are deliciously nutritious treats for dogs. Our nutritional specialists created these grain and gluten free recipes with salmon and sweet potato or duck and chickpeas. These tasty treats are perfect for all dogs, and are a perfect combination with any of our premium dog food formulas.

Our CANIDAE® Life Stages Bakery Snacks are made with only 7 nutritious ingredients, allowing you to feed your pet healthy dog treats with an irresistible taste. They’re designed to break easily in half—making treating or training a snap! They are an excellent size for dogs of all life stages, breeds, and sizes, so spend some time with your best friend and reward them with these great tasting snacks.

At CANIDAE® we pride ourselves on the highest standards for food quality and safety. We create premium dog food and cat food that is delicious, nutritious—and that pet parents know they can rely on.

The three samplers were our adopted pups. Kensy who is a chow/retriever mix . Goliath and Bethany, both Bernese Mountain dogs.  They are always willing to lend a paw, or in this case a mouth, to help out. While Goliath is pretty easy going when it comes to treats Kensy and Bethany are a little more discerning. The treats are hard and crunchy which happens to be the way our taste testers like them. They smelled good too, an added bonus.

I started with the Life Stages Bakery Snacks and Goliath happily scarfed it down and was ready for more. It took Bethany a second or two before she tried it but once she did she enjoyed it.  Our pickiest tester, Kensy, gave it a sniff and wasn’t totally sure. Of course once he saw Goliath and Bethany eat theirs he didn’t want to miss out. Once he gave it a bite he decided it was a keeper. All three of the pups rated them four paws up.

Our next bag was the PURE Heaven Biscuits and that taste testing session went a little differently. For some reason I had left it on the dining room table rather than putting it in the pantry. While this wouldn’t be an issue in most houses it is in ours because Goliath has a problem with pilfering. Although the bag was sealed and you would think he couldn’t smell it apparently he did because when I went outside for two minutes I came back to Goliath in the living room with a ripped open bag and only one treat left. Based on Goliath’s reaction I will have to give that flavor a big four paws up.

There you have it, the good, the bad, and the ugly. No one said our taste testers were always well behaved.  I would definitely recommend giving Canidae treats a try based on our pups review. You can buy the treats at participating retail stores near you and at online retailers.



5 Responses to “Review Of Canidae Healthy Dog Treats”

  1. DD on April 17th, 2014 10:48 am

    My dogs love these biscuits. Can smell the goodness right out of the bag.

  2. Jerry on April 22nd, 2014 5:20 pm

    I have three rescues that are normally laid back and well trained, but when I pull out these treats they go berzerk. They just love them more than any others I’ve given them.

    - Jerry

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