Bo Knows Jealousy

July 7 | 1 Comment

Copper - locked and loaded for a Bo lickdownDear Bo,

My humans are away and the computer was left on…

Dude, I stuck in between heaven (with a sweet young affectionate and still intact golden) and hell (a older gal with the attitude to match the name  “Princess”)

Now, I’m not complaining dude, I get soft floors and beds to sleep on, my choice of couches to laze on and lots of treats, good grub, massages and belly rubs, heh, I love belly rubs.

Better than my last gig, the county jail where I was on death row, you know, no one wants us older dudes. Well my crazy humans did.  So my problem man, how to I tell the lady I LIKE having my face licked, and all?

She keeps shooing the sexy bitch away from me.

Well time for my noon nap, it’s hard being an old dog you know.


Dear Chance,

You don’t have to tell me about how hard it is getting old. Why just this morning I woke up and forgot where I put my teeth forcing me to ‘gum’ down my morning kibble. At least I remembered where I put my hearing aid.

Anyway, to your question.

My sister Copper licks my face all the time, whether I’m in the mood or not. She’ll even pin my two front paws down with hers to keep me from moving. But hey, at least she does a great job of cleaning my eye boogers. Unlike yours, my parents don’t get involved at all.

Your lady should know that face licking in adult canines can be a sign of respect or deference to a more dominant dog. It doesn’t sound like you are more dominant, but just receiving a little bit of respect. You’re not Rodney Dangefield’s dog, after all. That fact, and knowing the average dog loves getting its face licked, should set her straight that this is a healthy practice.

Point her to this blog and tell her to give me a call if she needs more info to be set straight.

Well, it’s time for my nap now.


P.S. Make sure to tell your folks that Bo is very proud of them for adopting an older dog!!

Minimize Humiliation of Dog Hair Cut

July 8 | 1 Comment

Cuteness Cut ShortHello my dear pal,

My mom cut all my hair yesterday… ALL… except where you know. :oops:   But, I look like a teen now and don’t feel the respect from the other dogs I meet in the street … I feel naked and it stresses me… what can I do ??


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Murphy’s Law

Calorie counterDear Bo,

My parents think they feed me a lot but I disagree. For me it is not really the quality of the food as it is the quantity. I like food and I am not shy about admitting it. I qualify food as anything that can fit into my mouth. I am especially fond of lizards, bugs (of all kinds), sticks, tree bark off the tree, anything shiny, dog food, small objects, flowers, dirt, Murphy treats, anything that people eat no matter how old, the occasional frog or toad and I think those squirrels I chase would be really, really good too if I could just catch one.

I am in great shape but I am 27 years old and in the prime of my life and I like food and binge eating. I hear my parents say I have a bottomless pit as a stomach but I know they eat 3 or 4 times a day, they try to hide it but I know.

So how come they get to eat so much and I can’t, hypocrites. Also I am not saying I have a problem with my food choices, but do you think there is a problem with my food choices?

Your friend,


PS: Have you seen the Bud Light commercial where the dog can talk to his Dad and keeps asking for sausages but does not get any? That’s how I feel, that guy should really give that poor dog the sausages.

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Heat Exhaustion

June 17 | 111 Comments

Not Mali, But Just As CuteHey bo what’s up?

My mommy is really worried about me in the heat.

I tried to explain that i’m ok. I just need to stay cool but she doesn’t want to let me out in the bad heat to play. I’ll admit I do get very hot and pant a lot sometimes pretty heavy.

She did get me a pool but i’m a little nervous about it, i’m getting better but still a little nervous. I am a corgi and have the short legs so getting in and out of the pool is a bit of a challenge.

Any suggestions for my mom to keeping me cool?


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Begging Strips

June 12 | 1 Comment

Sniffer and PlayerDear Bo,

Got any special begging tricks to share? Me has run out of ideas :-(

Used up all my good ones…sit up(no prompt), sit and pretend me no hear “no beg”, sad eyes with head down, beg from other pawrent when initial givee leaves the room, and of course the lick the empty food bowl trick…

…at my wits end, please help…

Two should take me to the end of the year :lol:

your pal,


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Chew On This For A While

Please Answer My QuestionFirst of all a big bark out to my pal BO! I think you are so pawsume!

Ok mama was wondering why I have to chew my nails? She keeps them trimmed
but I like to redo them myself. Then I make a slobbering awful noise that
gets on her nerves chewing the rest of the way up my front legs then I will
continue licking forever till I get tired and go to sleep.

I also if she scratches my backside really good I will take my front teeth
and try and clean her arm for her while she is scratching my backside. Mama
says what the heck Luckeyboy. I dont hurt her it tickles she says and very
funny but what is this nervous tick I have? Do you know BO?

Love ya buddy,

yur furiend jus a Luckeyboy to know BO!

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Love Is In The Air

The Flying CocoDear Bo,

What do I do to get my Dancing Partner to ask me to be his Girlfriend? I am head over heels in lov with him and his Son.

My Brother has falling in lov with his MAMA and I think he is going to ask her to marry him but he wants to take to his First Wifes family First so they will not be Hurt or shocked or surprised before he does anything.

New Dancing Partner is not married now and is a single Dad so a wife or former wife is not a problem. His Son’s MAMA likes me and I like her a lot too. They have a wonderful Little Man that is a Southern Gentleman.

All of his Family like me. I have tried showing more skin,less skin my hair up,down ad differant color and nothing is working. I even whisper in his ear when we dance. I affect him cause his MAMA says he has problems fitting into his swimming trunk and speedos when he thinks of me and when we are togeather at the Campground you can always find him and BARNEY in the COLD WATER CREEK. His MAMA and I BOLBOL over that.

I have had 6 Doggys who wanted to date me after Peanut and I broke up. I tried to date to others but no sparks just Friendship sparks and that is all but with my Dancing Partner we light up a darkend room,we give it firecrackers,we sizzle.

PLEASE HELP. I am shy and would not dare ask him not like my Brother who is not shy at all.

Thanks BO

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Jumpin’ Jehosaphat

No need to add sugar to this CocoaDear Bo,

I have a really bad habit of charging at the door when someone comes in or leaves. I start jumping on the person and I get so excited, I growl and nip them. I always do this. My mommy wants me to stop!

Any suggestions on how I can greet our visitors without scaring them????? :-?


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Dog Keeps Eating My Dirt

Loves To Dish The Dirtdear mr bo.

mom has just planted new flowers,but me has a habbid…
it drives mom nuts…
me eats dirt.
and me only eats it from the pots with flowers.
not dirt out our park,or out our bushes outside,only the pots of dirt on the balcony.
is it bad fur me?
mom worry’s about it.
is dirt healthy!
can ya help me mr bo?

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Setting The Pace

I look better in leatherHi Bo,My name is Kodi and I am a lab and almost 2 years old. My problem is that I pace. I have been outside, I have had a long walk and playtime in the yard with my toys. I have lots of toys inside to play with too. But I still pace, back forth around, over and over again. My family tries to ignore me but after a while it drives them crazy and they put me in my crate. My Mom feels sad that I am in my crate when the family is home. Is there anything my family can do to help me stop pacing ????

Thanks Bo
your pal
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