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April 11 | 1 Comment

“If this bothers you,prewashatlanta2011 026 (3) I suggest dinner reservations.”  This is probably why we never have dinner guests.

Have a great weekend.

Can Your Dog Read?

Okay, I don’t knbo416M-HUZYlLow if your dog can read or not but if you’re looking to find out what they’re thinking check out A Dog’s Dictionary over at Traveling Dogs. Read more

Dog vs. Couch

April 8 | 1 Comment

Our pups aren’t allowedfurbarickbirthcontrolIMG_0058-1 on the couch because they are all big and that would be a recipe for disaster. However, the cat goes pretty much where she wants. Why? Have you ever tried stopping a cat from doing something? I laughed when I saw this video because our kitty is a little chunky and this happened to her when she tried to jump on the kitchen table where her food bowl is. I thought some others out there might get a kick out of dog vs. couch. Read more

Craigslist Reunites Lost Dog With Owner

shih poo puppyRufus8weeks

Not lost dog, just a puppy.

Social media may have it’s pros and cons but reuniting a lost dog with their owner is definitely a big pro.  Having dogs who have gotten loose before and not knowing where they were for a matter of hours I know how devastating it is.

It used to be you would just drive around and put up missing dog signs but now with social media you can not only get the word out quickly but also get it to the thousands of folks.  We all know the more people out there looking the better chance you have of reuniting with your dog. This story out of Texas goes to show how powerful social media can be. Read more

New Puppy For Miley Cyrus

1396651118_miley-cyrus-467It doesn’t matter if you’re famous or not, the loss of a beloved pup is devastating.

Miley Cyrus just lost her dog Floyd leaving her so distraught she actually broke down on stage. Her mom ended up surprising her with a new puppy to help ease the pain.

What a good mom. Here’s the scoop from Us Weekly. Read more

Better Bonding With Your Dog

April 7 | 2 Comments

Funny Dog Blog, Dog Training, Dog Tips, Dog NewsNo matter if you just adopted a dog or had yours for a long time there are a few things you can do that will help you bond. It all comes down to simplicity, consistency, repetition, staying positive, and exercise.  Trainer Kevin Duggan  at The Doggington Post discusses 5 steps to build a better relationship with your dog. Read more

Funny Beagles

Here’s a comic by Timothy Glass that I think any dog owner can relate to.  He writes a cartoon called Sleepy Town Beagles, very cute.Funny Dog Blog - Dog Training, Dog food secrets, dog recipes

Anyone who has ever been owned by a dog will be hooked by this strip, in which two witty canines with attitude show what life and humans look like through beagle eyes. With brilliant insight into their mischievous minds and impeccable understanding of their playful ways, Sleepytown Beagles guarantees a smile-packed journey. So come on in, wipe your paws, sit and stay, for a weekly dose of loving hound humor.

You can find him and other great comics over at GOCOMICS.

Was Bo Obama Ousted From The White House?

If a dog pees in the WhiFunny Dog Blog - Dog Training, Dog food secrets, dog recipeste House could he really be ousted? It doesn’t seem possible. I peed on the Christmas tree, twice, and I’m still in my home. It looks like Bo might have a little problem of his own. Read more

Looking To Hire A Dog Trainer?


A friend of mine recently adopted a dog.  Right after getting him she started going to a basic obedience class but during that time realized  he had some aggression issues. Because she knew how important it was to take care of this immediately she knew a specialized trainer who deals with dog aggression was needed. She searched online to find trainers in her area who dealt with dogs who had been aggressive. After doing a lot of looking and interviewing she thought she found the perfect trainer. Read more

Woofisms: Woofs of Wisdom©

It really is about the simplballIMG_2273e things in life Woof! -Kensy, The Dog Read more

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