Service Dog Provides Comfort To Marathon Bombing Victims

April 21 | 15 Comments

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Services dogs are known for lending assistance with everyday tasks to those who are disabled but they do so much more.  The emotional support they provide is priceless. Here is the story of two of the Boston Marathon victims and how their dog has helped get them through some really tough times. Read more

Better Bonding With Your Dog

April 7 | 2 Comments

Funny Dog Blog, Dog Training, Dog Tips, Dog NewsNo matter if you just adopted a dog or had yours for a long time there are a few things you can do that will help you bond. It all comes down to simplicity, consistency, repetition, staying positive, and exercise.  Trainer Kevin Duggan  at The Doggington Post discusses 5 steps to build a better relationship with your dog. Read more

Magic Tricks Gone Bad

As a dog I find this video appalling. Which these innocent faces as they’re tricked out of their treat. If you ask me this is just bad magic. Watch and see if you agree. Read more

Hello Kitty – This One Has An Attitude

Funny Dog Blog, Dog Training, Dog NewsCats. I’ll be honest with you, I love them.

Being a dog, that’s not easy to admit. Yeah, most felines have egos bigger than Lassie in his heyday, but if you take the time to cut through the fluff they ain’t all bad.

Plus their asses smell really, really good.

I’m not alone in my thinking. How else to explain the proliferation of cat porn websites? You know the ones, sites made for the sole purpose of posting cute cat pictures.

Maybe I’m biased to thinking positive about them because I’ve lived with a couple of them. Yup, Moose and Mothball. One couldn’t poop straight and the other couldn’t pee straight, but they were both great cuddlers.

So imagine my surprise when I found out about a cat that took an entire family hostage. KPTV – Fox 12 in Portland has the full scoop and accompanying video. Read more

Dog Masseuse – How To Give Your Dog A Massage

When  you’re 102 in dkensleep2IMG_0417og years your bones are old and weary so when I came across this article on dog massages from The Doginton Post I knew I had to share.

I’ve had acupuncture before and while I admit it did help having a bunch of needles stuck in your fur suit isn’t that fun.  A dog massage looks like a much better way to go. It’s not only a great way to bond with your pup it actually provides health benefits for them such as pain management, firming up muscles, and helping with circulation.  Those are just a few of the many issues that massage targets.

With a little guidance from Brandy Arnold you can get started. Read more

Wally The Squirrel Is Nuts

March 10 | 1 Comment

Funny Dog Blog - Dog Training, Dog food secrets, dog recipesSo I’m perusing the internet over the weekend as most dogs my age will do. Hey, when you’re ancient and your bones ache all over, the last thing you want to do is take a walk with the rest of the clan over hilly terrain, especially at a national battlefield. I’ll be honest with you, the place with its cannons but more importantly ghosts scares me. There I said it, and if you think less of me so be it.

Anyway, back to what I discovered on the digital highway. It was a video of a Bernese Mountain Dog named Jax. Nothing special there since I live with two Berners (one who couldn’t outwit a rock by the way). Joining screen time with Jax is a squirrel named Wally. Wally, not to be confused with Rocky the Squirrel I had a major encounter with many years ago, appears to be domesticated. Read more

Puppy Mill Dogs Rescued In Arkansas

March 4 | 3 Comments

column_what-is-a-puppy-millHaving adopted three puppy mill breeder dogs this is a story that hits home.  Anytime I read something about puppy mill dogs I try to spread the word because there are still many people out there who have no idea what happens to these dogs. They don’t know how these dogs are treated, the abuse they suffer, all they see are the cute puppies. More than 120 puppies and 60 other animals were rescued last week from a puppy mill. Read more

Winterize Your Dog

March 4 | 5 Comments

_DSC4319We live in the south now so snowy paws aren’t much of an issue anymore but when we lived in New York it was a big deal.  Not only did Bo get the ice crystals stuck in his  paws he also got the salt in there.  You always knew when this happened on our walk because he would promptly stop wherever we were, like the middle of the road, and start licking his paw. It’s been a while since I had to deal with this so I went to Way Cool Dogs for some good tips on how to keep your dog’s paws safe.

Winterizing dog paws are on the same level of care as clean water, healthy dog food and freedom from disease. Dog paws are the most vulnerable and exposed part of the dog’s body. What most dog owners do not realize is that the paw of the dog causes them the most damage. Read more

Top 5 Online Shops for Dog Supplies

March 4 | 15 Comments

boauthor1-1We have three dogs and I spend a lot of time and money buying things for them. Not just fun stuff but food, medications, supplies, and other necessities. One of our dogs is on a number of supplements and they can add up quickly when I purchase them at our vet. While it’s easier to get their food locally I have found myself ordering off the internet more and more when it comes to everything else they need. It’s easy and with a bit of shopping around I’ve saved a considerable amount of money. This article from Woman’s Day lists five popular online stores to shop from. Read more

How Do You Know If Your Dog Is Too Fat?

March 3 | 4 Comments

www.boknowsonline.comThere’s the old joke about ‘If you’re dog is fat, you aren’t getting enough exercise” but there’s truth in that statement.  If you sit around chances are your dog is too.  Instead get out and go for a walk, you will both become healthier and more fit. Here’s a great true life story of how Deborah Wood, pet columnist for The Oregonian newspaper, pursued an exercise regimen with her pup and lost weight. Read more

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