Working Class Dog

Pondering: I just found out Goliath our Bernese Mountain dog is supposed to be a working dog. Kind of ironic because the dog hasn’t worked a day in his life. They originate from Bern, Switzerland where thgolIMG_0085ey pulled carts carrying cheese. I can see Goliath in the cart eating cheese, maybe a cracker or two, but that’s about it. Working at stealing food, yes, pulling it around…nope I don’t see that happening. I’m just sayin’. Woof! -Kensy, The Dog

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The Good Dogma Company is so right, your dog is always there for you. How many humans can you say that about? Woof!


Mad Max and Me

July 15 | 1 Comment

bad to the bone - madmaxIt’s time for the Bo Monster to chime in on the latest scandal hitting the internets and the world, and to prevent another one from happening in the process.

Today, I bark about Mel Gibson and his tirades against his girlfriend/mother of his child.

First off, let me go on record to say I love Mel. I think he’s a great actor, but more importantly an advocate for animals. Anybody that’s willing to take a dog along for adventures in a post apocalyptic Australia gets four paws up from me. What a warm, gentle, loving soul, eh.

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Dog Runs Over Owner

Bad To The Bone - Dog TruckThese days there’s nothing better than hearing the old man ask, “Wanna go for a ride?”

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved jumping into the front seat of his chick truck and watch the world fly by. It’s just now I prefer that over “Wanna go for a walk?”

Any questions as to why, take it up with my bones.

Anyway, I remember the early days when I’d occupy the suicide seat of his rusty, old cars. There was always something wrong with his vehicles. It ran the gamut of steering issues, oil leaks and transmission malfunctions. It was a simple equation: mechanical = trouble.

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Dog Bowl Provides Home with Warm Glow

March 18 | 4 Comments

I am a very LARGE dogThey say all reporters have biases as they go out into the world and report on the goings on.

Some are able to recognize them and adjust for them accordingly. Others are less reflective and let their full biases into their finished product. These folks are usually called hacks.

I mention this because I suspect there may be a hidden agenda to a report I read this morning regarding a fire in Seattle. The Seattle Times has all the details.

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Bronson Tougher Than Charles

January 19 | 1 Comment

OK, I admit it. I’m scared of snakes.

That’s right, your fuzzy hero has a fear of the slinky kind. Maybe it’s because I remember the day, when I was a mere pup, when a snake crawled into our den to vie for my mother’s nipple. When I attempted to push it away, it bit me. Needless to say I thrashed it to death. However, the mark on my psyche lives on to this day.

Some may think I made that story up and the real reason I’m afraid of snakes is because I’m a girlie dog. Well you can’t prove it can you.

Anyway, I, a macho dog, still run in the opposite direction of any snake that crosses my path due to this puphood incident. Not only is this a good idea, it should be a law. Read more

Appetite for Destruction-20 Odd Items Eaten by Pets

December 4 | 2 Comments

I love hot dogs, hamburgers and anything covered in peanut butter. Well, almost anything covered in peanut butter.

I wouldn’t, for example, eat a wig covered in the creamy stuff, if only because it would take forever to get the hair out of my mouth. I also wouldn’t chow down on a tent peg or a fishing hook. But that’s just me.

Apparently, some of my compatriots have different tastes. Just take a look at this list compiled by PDSA PetAid hospitals.

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Culling Poop in Taipei

October 14 | 2 Comments

The one on the right is worth a million yuanWhen owners tell their pups to “jump”, most dogs will ask how high?

When I hear that phrase, I ask why? I mean, why risk a hip fracture? Why risk a twisted paw? Why risk leaving mother earth for even a split second?

When I bark “jump”, my owners know it’s time for them to jump off the couch and let me out, or in, depending on the circumstances. It’s to the point where I just move my jowls without making a peep. In the flash of eye, they drool and spring to life to open the door.

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Pit Bull Burglarizes Home

October 12 | 1 Comment

Burglar on the right with one of his hostagesLet’s face it folks, we’re all criminals.

In this day and age where everything from rabies shots to dog park access to where you can poop is legislated by unscrupulous humans it’s hard not to fall on the wrong side of the law at least a few times.

For instance, yesterday I was caught waddling along at 1 mph in the left lane of our local walking park. Regulations say this lane is reserved for those cruising by at least twice that pace.

Sure I was breaking the law but shouldn’t there be one for the inappropriateness of others barking, “Move over Q-tip” at you?

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Dog Mistakes Gas Pedal for Brake

September 23 | 1 Comment

I'm here to pick up my ownerAll who know me say that I’m a driven dog. I give it to you straight on this blog so yeah, these folks are right to say that about me.

I’m driven…everywhere.

In the summer my rides usually only get me to the park, but during fall and spring my destinations are diversified to include Home Depot, Publix and Rover’s House of Pancakes.

Regardless of season I’m always driven to the vet’s. What, you don’t expect me to walk there do you?

The only problem with this arrangement is that I don’t get to go on my schedule. It is dictated by my control freak parents.

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