Pit Bull Flattens Deputy’s Tires

I love it where the rubber meets the roadWho says pit bulls don’t have a sense of humor?

It’s a little known fact, but they love to play pranks, tell jokes and just be the center of comedic attention.

My sister Copper, who everyone thought was a Rhodesian Ridgeback, actually has a bit of pit bull flowing through her veins. Anyone that knows her will tell you she’s got a great sense of humor. Her favorite topic…farts.

She loves to bring up the subject every chance she gets. First thing in the morning after a poop and a shave…fart. Mid-day at lunch just before her walk…fart. Early afternoons when my father is on conference calls…fart. At the dinner table…fart. I think you get the idea.

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Dog Busted Out of Canine Jail

Police dog's do it legallyHow far would your owners go to save your fur?

Would they give up some of their hard earned cash? How about the time needed to nurse you back to health after a serious illness? Would they commit a crime if it meant keeping you in their lives?

I know my parents’ answers: yes, yes, no.

What can I say, they’re law abiding citizens. That means the purchase of medical marijuana for my glaucoma from Chachi down at the street corner is out, but they wouldn’t hesitate flying me to San Francisco to drop me off at a cannabis club. They’re strange folks, but who am I to judge.

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Dog Sent to Jail for Eating Money

Give me a day and you'll get your changeYou ever get the munchies so bad that you’ll eat anything?

When this happens to me I usually head straight for the kitchen garbage can and turn it over. I’m so good at it I’ve been offered work on a Waste Management garbage truck.

Once I’ve turned the can, and my frown, upside down I pick through the goodies that my folks have tossed aside. Mmm…yogurt cups, chicken skin, spaghetti sauce, head cheese, cow tongue…it’s all there for the taking.

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Dog Days of Summer Baseball

June 8 | 3 Comments

You have any wet wipes?For the record let me state that I’m a baseball fan.

My favorite team is the New York Mets and before any haters are sic’d on me, I’ll have you know I started liking them when they sucked. Coincidentally, it is also the time that I learned a lot of swear words from my father who sat by my side watching game after game after game.

Things aren’t much better these days with two successive September folds. If losing builds character, then I feel like Rin Tin Tin right about now.

But, hey at least I still have my day job. You know as snuggler, lover and all around best friend to my bipeds.

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Dog’s Diet Deemed Too Rich

January 2 | 2 Comments

Charitable contributions. They’re usually used to help those less fortunate than us through tough times. I like that.

You know who else who likes charitable contributions? Lewis, a five year old labrador retriever. He, however,  likes them for a different reason; he thinks they taste great.

Here’s the story which illustrates why I always tell pups to make it a habit to wash their paws after handling money.

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Dog Drives Thru Cool Beanz Coffee Shop

It’s time for the 7:30 traffic update.  Reporting in is roving helicopter reporter Wally Wuuf.

“Thanks Bo. All clear on the major highways this evening as owners pick up their kids at the Playin Ruff doggie daycare centers sprinkled around town.

“Whoops…hold on…We are receiving reports of some major congestion on the LIE onramp at Westside. It appears a van, yes a van, has crashed into a local coffee shop.”

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Dogs Crash Car

I hate stories like the following one since it perpetrates the myth that dogs are bad drivers.

I’ve had some time behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang, you can read all about it in my upcoming book, and I never had an accident or received a ticket.

However, two dogs in Sweden can’t say the same.

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Carmageddon 2008

I’m Gonna Get YaWith this blog, I’ve tried to show the world that dogs are harmless creatures, just looking to make a positive mark on this world. Then some numbskull canine, thinking he’s above it all,comes along and ruins all my good work.

Who’s the dog this time? Well it’s a German Shepherd named Ranger, and get this, he’s a police dog to boot. Just read the details of this latest incident.

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Salt and Vinegar Immobiliser Chips

June 23 | 1 Comment

At least he didn’t swallow her phoneHere’s a story from a few years ago that I stumbled upon between naps. It’s still relevant in today’s high tech world.

A breakdown patrol man who came to the rescue of a woman motorist has managed to get her car started using her dog.

How do you start a car with a dog? I guess you can stick its tail in the ignition and see if it starts or maybe attach the car to the dog like a rickshaw and pop it into gear when it gets rolling fast enough. What other solutions could there be?

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The Freedom Trampoline

June 22 | 44 Comments

Now You See Me…I consider myself an above average escape artist. I’ve dug out beneath a fence, eaten the slats off of a fence and run through a fence but I’ve never flown over one. I thought you need to be a bird to do that. Well, Harvey the Bull Terrier has just proven me wrong.

One moment Harvey, a three-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, was alone in the garden, the next he disappeared.

Before we go on…you say Harvey is its name, and it disappears? Are we sure we’re not talking about a man sized rabbit here?

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