Chocolate Lab Loves Chocolate Water

There are few humans who are true heroes in my mind; Billy Purina, Tommy Treat and Carrie Kong are the only ones that come to mind.

Well I need to add a police officer from Kalama, Washington to that list. Although a dog would have had no problem jumping into the fray if the situation was reversed, for a human to jump in is unheard of.

Well, unheard of if your name isn’t Norton.

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Canine Not Chicken To Partner Up for Puppies

January 20 | 1 Comment

Parenting is tough. That’s what I’ve heard, anyway. I don’t have any direct experience because my jewels were removed before I had a chance to procreate. The Bo Dynasty ends with me. Oh well.

While it’s hard for two dogs to raise a litter of pups, imagine the difficulty if you had to do it alone. I know what I’d do, I’d search for another partner, that’s what.

Apparently a dog in China had the same idea.

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Obesity Knows No Bounds

First there was the wheel. Then came sliced bread. Now man awaits his next great invention.

What will it be? Could it be a super food to cure world hunger, or possibly an environmentally friendly energy source, or something greater still, like a dog treat that combines carobs, peanut butter and cat poo all in one?

If you ask one Mark Schuette, the next great invention is an energy efficient scooter. Of course, energy efficiency is in the eye of the beholder.

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Top Ten Clouds Shaped Like Dogs

July 15 | 3 Comments

Bischon FriseDo you remember your puppy days when you’d lay in a field, look at the sky and use your imagination on the puffs of clouds floating by?

Yup, the good old days. These were the times long before you were asked to humiliate yourself by standing on your hind legs just to get a treat.

Of course in my cloud observation days, I never really got much further than “Hey, that looks like a ball!” or “Hey, that looks like a chewy!” but no one ever accused me of being creative or bright.

Well, I decided to relive my youth by going out and finding me some dog shaped clouds. After spending hours outside I came up with nothing. Probably because it was raining out.

So I did the next best thing…I googled for my canine clouds. Here’s what I found:

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