Happy Thanksgiving

November 22 | 1 Comment

I hope all my friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I just want to take a sec to share a story from Kensy over at The Good Dogma Company.  He is a pet therapy dog with Happy Tails. He goes to nursing homes, a pre-school for children with disabilities, and many special visits throughout the year.  This is about his last visit to the nursing home, in his own words.

I walked into a room where the woman who had been a patient was getting ready to go home.

 She was so excited when she saw us and started telling mom about the dogs she used to have. I was loving on her while they were talking. At one point the conversation turned serious and she told mom she was glad she was going home, she didn’t need to be in a nursing home. That sometimes when folks/family are talking they talk around her and not to her. She said her mind was just fine and she knew exactly what was going on.

 Ask yourself, have you ever looked at an older person and talked around them and not to them? As if they weren’t there. When we visit the nursing home it doesn’t matter if the person can understand us or not, we make sure we stop to visit everyone who wants to see us. Sometimes it’s just about your presence and not about what you say.

 When you see someone who is older please don’t look at them as a symptom or disease, look at them as a person. Treat them as a person. Remember, they were once the age you are.

 Just a little something to ponder while you’re giving thanks for all the wonderful things you have in your life. Woof!

Not only is Kensy a therapy dog, he is also the Chief Executive Pup over at The Good Dogma Company.   Right now they are having a HUGE sale so go check it out. The place to find the perfect gift for yourself, your pup, or the dog lover in your life

Rescue Dog Inspires Owner’s Company

The Good Dogma Company was founded on the philosophy that dog lovers have a different kind of good karma, it’s Good Dogma.

We’re the place for people who are passionate about their dog(s) and want to make a difference in the lives of homeless pets. We hope to inspire others to go out and commit random acts of animal kindness.

So come on in, browse around, stay for a while. If you’re looking for the perfect item to ensure Good Dogma follows wherever life may take you, you’ve come to the right place. The Good Dogma Company has something special for you, your pup, or as a gift for the dog lover in your life.

The Dog Behind The Dogma

The Good Dogma Company - Dog Charity I was rescued from death row and given a second chance at life, now it’s my time to give back. I work as a therapy dog, aka, love on a leash. I’ve also started the Just Paw It Forward campaign and hope to inspire others to do good, give back, and watch it come full circle.

My goal is to help homeless dogs by donating a portion of every sale from The Good Dogma Company towards dog rescue. After all, every pup deserves to be safe and happy.

You can read the full story on how karma was involved in Kensy’s adoption by clicking here.  Sometimes it takes a family member’s intervention to give fate a little push.

Come visit to see all their fun products for pets and their people.

Have fun holiday shopping with them while helping to save dogs at the same time.

Dog Lovers Memorial Heart Necklace…special holiday offer.

dog memorial braceletsMy bro, Kensy, started a new business  They have all sorts of great products for pets and their people and a portion of the sales go to dog rescue. That’s a win-win in my book.

For anyone who has lost a dog they know the heartbreak and the void it leaves in your life. They  have  a custom designed a memorial piece to honor those lost because we all know paw prints on the heart can never be erased. They’re  having a special to introduce the new piece.  It’s regularly $34.95 but now through Sunday the 5th you can get it for $28 by simply typing FBPO in the coupon code. You can also use the code for the Never Ending Love necklace. Your choice, but don’t wait this offer doesn’t last long.

Makes a beautiful gift for yourself or the dog lover in your life. Perfect for the holidays.





Chicks, Man

November 9 | 2 Comments

I love chicks.

You know, chicks as in females of the opposite sex.  Don’t get me wrong, I like baby chickens too. Especially with hot sauce.

Anyway, we all know that if you want to rough house it, you hang loose with a guy. If you want love and cuddling, your odds go up by having a female by your side.

This is nothing new. In fact it’s one of the unbreakable laws of the universe. Just like e=mc², so does female = unconditional love.

I know this, my sister Copper knows this, and a dog named Fox surely knows this. Check out his story.

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Dogs Save Heroes One at a Time

September 10 | Hmmm...No Comments Yet

This vet I love!!
I recently read a survey that most dogs don’t like vets. I was shocked to hear those results.

I mean, what’s not to like? The camouflage? The ability to relieve themselves on a battlefield? It certainly can’t be the yummy  c-rations.

Then I realized the survey was talking about veterinarians, not veterans. That made me feel better.

Well, since I’ve stumbled upon the subject, let me just send a quick thank you for all the members of the armed forces. Read more

Ella Did It, In the LR, With a Candlestick

August 4 | 2 Comments

Uhmm, these aren't the people I was looking for!Never let it be said that the Bo Monster doesn’t like a good sentimental story.

Oh my! I just referred to myself in the third dog. Hmm…what does that say about me? Probably that I’m a narcissistic, bigheaded blowhard.

What can I say, guilty as charged.

But I won’t let your judgmental ways get in the way of a good old fashioned touching tale.

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If I Could Walk 1000 Miles…

Walk this wayI got lost once.

It happened at my grandparents’ house. They have a few acres of wooded land where I was allowed to run free. There were always squirrels and woodchucks and birds and wild turkeys and a slew of other cool things running and flying around. You know, the types of things I usually only saw on Animal Planet.

It was late afternoon after a raccoon chase worthy of a KTLA helicopter breaking newsflash when I found myself in a strange part of the forest. Nothing looked, sounded and worst of all smelled familiar. I was lost.

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Dog Stops Traffic To Save Mother

May 15 | 7 Comments

My mommy's hurt...please stopSometimes I see a heartwarming story and I just find the need to share it with the world.

A lot of you probably think that all New York City dogs are obnoxious, self absorbed and bark funny. To that all I can say is stop getting all your news from Cat Fancy magazine. NYC pups are no different than the ones in Kansas, Alabama or Hawaii. Well the ones in Hawaii are a bit happier.

Look no further than Husky, the son of a yellow lab-mix named Chile, and his heroic efforts to save his mother this morning. Read more

Dog Fails to Swim Across North Sea

October 27 | 1 Comment

I thought there’d be fishsticks in the water…I love a good fishing story. You know, it’s always how the big one got away.  I know they’re being told by liars, but I enjoy the stories anyway.

My favorite one involves a bone the size of a human, with plenty of meat still on it. Dogs have claimed to have spotted it, but say it was too big to carry back home.  When they go back to retrieve it, with radio flyer in tow, it’s always gone.

Well, here’s the latest ‘fishing’ story, but the good news is, it didn’t get away. And no, it wasn’t a tire they caught, but something much more precious.

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May 23 | 1 Comment

Love Is A Two Way StreetIt’s always good to see humans returning the favor of our unending loyalty and support to them. This story about “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” warms my heart, much like the pacemaker she just received warms hers.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – After years of helping authorities look for murder victims and survivors of natural disasters, a search-and-rescue dog named Molly has been rescued herself.

Surgeons at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine on Thursday installed a pacemaker in the 5-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever’s heart. She needed the surgery after being diagnosed with a complete electrical heart blockage.

I love chocolate labs, they taste much better than the vanilla ones, so it’s great to see Molly get help. Read more

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