Lap Dog Dance

Tricycles Are Cool - Bicycles Not So MuchEven a sarcastic dog like me enjoys a good heartwarming story so I felt compelled to pass this one along.

Buddy the lap dog is back in Mark Hench’s lap after a months-long odyssey that included a dognapping in California and a mysterious reappearance in Texas.

Hench? Most likely short for Henchman, me thinks. So when dealing with Henchman is it really that surprising that a dognapping occurred? I think not. Read more

European Vacation

May 6 | 1 Comment

Where's Christy Brinkley?I’ve heard about these things owners call vacations. Typically they’re long road trips to coastal towns for fun and sun. For me, it means having to put up with either an obnoxious dog sitter or raucous cage neighbors at the local kennel. It’s not a lot of fun.

That’s why I like this story about Hike, a border collie, taking the vacationing thing into his own paws and heading off for a little seaside get away.

A missing border collie was reunited with his owner after catching a bus to the seaside more than 20 miles away.

Worried owner Emma Ward printed posters and contacted dog wardens, unaware Hike was on the number 11 Arriva bus near her home in Connah’s Quay, Flintshire.

But four-year-old Hike was discovered 40 stops later under a seat after making the 23m (37km) journey to the coastal resort of Rhyl in Denbighshire.

Under the seat, huh. Apparently Hike wanted a vacation but didn’t have the means to pay for it. Read more

Housing Boom

May 1 | 1 Comment

Housing BoomThere are a lot of reasons not to go to work, even if it is just to accompany your owner. Here’s reason #83 why getting anywhere near work can be bad for you.

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. (AP) – A dog was found alive and in relatively good shape after spending eight days trapped in the rubble of a building that exploded, critically injuring the pup’s owner.

Good Times Adventures is a snowmobiling and dogsledding business. Mislanski, a company van driver, was house-sitting for managers who lived in the upstairs apartment when the building exploded.

Good Times?

Lulu, a Springer spaniel, was rescued Sunday after the owner of the business that had been housed in the two-story building heard her whimpering.

“We turned off the radio and started calling out Lulu’s name. Then we heard some yelping,” Brian Holt, owner of Good Times Adventures, told the Summit Daily News in Tuesday’s editions.
After 45 minutes of frantic digging, we found her laying in a crawl space under 15 feet of rubble,” he said.

I have it on good authority that, roughly translated, the yelping meant, “Hey, I have a two story house on top of me. Get it off of me. Oh…and why have you waited eight days to start calling my name?” Read more

Lilly The Kid

February 29 | 1 Comment

I'm Here For YouIf you can’t have your own, you adopt. So is the motto of one Billy the boxer.

A paternal dog has adopted an abandoned baby goat as his surrogate child.

I wonder what kind of hoops Billy had to jump through for this adoption. Was he on a long waiting list? Did he have to travel to foreign lands? Will he get a tax deduction? So many questions, so little time.

Billy the boxer has become the constant companion of the 12-day old kid called Lilly. He sleeps with the goat, licks her clean, and protects her from any dangers at Pennywell Farm wildlife centre at Buckfastleigh, near Totnes, Devon.

Hey, is this an adoption story or a mail order bride story?

The kid was abandoned by her mother when she was only a few hours old and adopted by paternal Billy when his owner Elizabeth Tozer began hand rearing the goat.

Hand rearing? I think that’s illegal in the U.S. and if it isn’t, it sounds like it should be.

The unusual bond has developed over the last month and the pair are now inseparable.

Elizabeth said: “Lilly follows Billy around which is really quite amusing to watch and Billy sleeps with the goat and cleans her mouth after she feeds.”

They’re inseparable now, but wait until Lilly becomes a teenager.

It is a wonderful story and highlights that we all can get along. Except, of course, with cats.

70 Miles To Graceland

February 14 | 1 Comment

Wow…what an amazing story.Look Ma, I have no body (it's camoflagued)

IRAQ — Their friendship began half way across the world in Iraq, when St. Petersburg native Major Brian Dennis encountered a mixed breed dog in Anbar Province. The dog had been savagely abused and his ears cut off.
The marine decided to call him Nubbs.

Nubbs? That’s like calling Captain Hook…uhmm…Captain Hook. At least he wasn’t named Shep Spot…you know…two first names just like his owner.

In e-mails to his mother, Marsha Cargo in Tierra Verde, Major Dennis wrote how he was “dumbfounded” when he learned Nubbs’ ears were cut off purposely by an Iraqi to make him tough and more alert.

Any dog will tell you floppy ears, although cute, only serve to provide a safe haven to extremist bacteria. Once the ears were cut off and put on a key chain, Nubbs never had a single ear infection. Now, Muhammed’s Veterinary and Culinary Clinic has one less patient. Read more

Cats On A Plane

February 1 | 1 Comment

I know I’ve been tough on the feline faction when writing this blog, but hey, they deserve it. To make peace, mideast style, here’s a heartwarming cat story for you.Latest AC-130 Catship Design

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – Some kitty math: How many lives did little tabby Gracie Mae use up when she crawled into her owner’s suitcase, went through an airport X-ray machine, got loaded onto a plane, thrown onto a baggage belt and mistakenly picked up by a stranger far from home?
“She’s got to be at four or five now,” Seth Levy said after his 10-month-old pet was returned Sunday night by a kind stranger who went home to Fort Worth, Texas, with the wrong bag and Gracie inside to boot.

I’ve never traveled by air, but if I did, it wouldn’t be in a suitcase. I’d be in first class eating a savory Hungry-Man meal while the second class passengers take pleasure in their one ounce treat, one salty peanut at a time.

The last time Levy’s wife, Kelly, saw Gracie was before she took her husband to the airport. The 24-year-old went back to her house in Palm Beach Gardens late Friday to find the bottom step, where Gracie would usually be waiting, empty. She tore the house apart looking for the cat, who had been spayed just days before.

Then she got a phone call.

“Hello, is your refrigerator running?” the mysterious caller asked.


“Well you better catch it!”

The call was quickly followed by another… Read more

Dudley Didn’t Do Right

January 13 | 2 Comments

OK…sometimes you have to give credit where credit is due, even if it is to a human. Here’s the story of a true heroin.Dudleys Just Don't Do Right

[Katie] Kiracofe crawled across a frozen pond Thursday, dragging a canoe, to rescue her dog, Dudley, who had fallen through a hole in the ice. After struggling to lift Dudley into the canoe, Kiracofe placed her own jacket over him and waited almost an hour for squads to come to her rescue.
“We stayed fairly warm, or warm-ish,” Kiracofe said Thursday evening after she and Dudley had gotten a chance to recover by the fire.
The incident began when Kiracofe’s aunt, who had been in a hot tub on the Kiracofes’ back porch, saw Dudley run across the backyard pond and fall through the ice.

So why did Dudley take off? Well, let’s just say that Kiracofe’s aunt may, just may, have the same body build as Kathy Bates in the movie About Schmidt. If you saw that up close and personal, you’d run with wild abandon too, but that’s still no excuse. Dudley didn’t do right by himself or his canine brotherhood.

Her aunt alerted Kiracofe, who wasn’t sure what to do.

“I was immediately in panic mode,” she said. Read more

Red, 27, Hut, Hut, Hike!

A rescue worthy of the late 70′s show Emergency!. Just Don't Take Off

DIFF the dog – left stranded on a south-east Queensland mountain – has been rescued in a tricky hour-long descent.

Diff, a bull mastiff, had already spent two nights on Mount Maroon, near the town of Rathdowney, after slipping down the cliff during a New Year’s Eve bushwalk with two men, aged 24 and 30.

Bushwalk? More like a bush league maneuver by the owners for leaving him there, if you ask me.

Authorities began searching for the men when they failed to return early on Tuesday and found them yesterday afternoon.

But Diff had to be left behind, as poor conditions made it unsafe for a rescue helicopter to retrieve him.

Would they have left a baby behind? I didn’t think so.

A rescue attempt earlier today was abandoned in strong winds and rain.

But late today, experienced climber Mark Gamble came to the rescue, successfully bringing a harnessed Diff down the mountain in a one-hour operation.

What was a bull mastiff doing hiking on a treacherous mountain anyway? You don’t see Rosie O’Donnell or Louie Anderson trying to climb Pike’s Peak. Why? Because they’re fat and would probably slip, ending up trapped on a ledge, that’s why.

A short time ago Diff’s owner, David Gibson said: “This is fantastic. I was relieved to have got off the mountain alive but having the dog back is fantastic.

“He probably saved our lives out there on the last night. He’s a fantastic dog.

“He is in good health and we’re going to take him to the vet now just to have him checked over.

“I got him into trouble and I’m just so relieved to have him back.”

Anyone notice that Diff saved his owner’s life but the favor wasn’t returned? Humans, they’re so into themselves.

Reunited And It Feels So Good

December 19 | 2 Comments

I love a good heart-warming story but this one seems to have a few eye raising facts that make me wonder if there isn’tReunited - For Better or Worse something more to this tale.

Jimmy Wetch, a former professional pool player, ran into the Super America in Fridley early Sunday morning. He admits he made a mistake. He left the keys in his car, and said two men stole his SUV with his 6-year-old Dachshund, Junior, in the backseat.

Eye raiser #1: Hmmm…a professional pool player. Maybe I’m pre-judging here, but maybe Wetch was in over his head with some pool sharks?

Earlier this week, Wetch offered a $1,000 reward to anyone who returned his beloved best friend, no questions asked.

Eye raiser #2: a Dachshund as a best friend? C’mon, I could see them as a good acquaintance maybe, but not as a best friend. If you’re looking for friends, get yourself a chow-retriever mix, like me. Just make sure to have plenty of treats on hand if you’re looking for a long term relationship.

At about the same time, a man named Ray heard some yelping behind an abandoned home two doors down from his girlfriend’s house on the north side of Minneapolis. Ray did not want us to identify him, saying he’s a modest man.

Eye raiser #3: Ray is a modest man…and maybe, just maybe, wanted by the law. Read more

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