Hello Kitty – This One Has An Attitude

Funny Dog Blog, Dog Training, Dog NewsCats. I’ll be honest with you, I love them.

Being a dog, that’s not easy to admit. Yeah, most felines have egos bigger than Lassie in his heyday, but if you take the time to cut through the fluff they ain’t all bad.

Plus their asses smell really, really good.

I’m not alone in my thinking. How else to explain the proliferation of cat porn websites? You know the ones, sites made for the sole purpose of posting cute cat pictures.

Maybe I’m biased to thinking positive about them because I’ve lived with a couple of them. Yup, Moose and Mothball. One couldn’t poop straight and the other couldn’t pee straight, but they were both great cuddlers.

So imagine my surprise when I found out about a cat that took an entire family hostage. KPTV – Fox 12 in Portland has the full scoop and accompanying video. Read more

Puppy Mill Dogs Rescued In Arkansas

March 4 | 3 Comments

column_what-is-a-puppy-millHaving adopted three puppy mill breeder dogs this is a story that hits home.  Anytime I read something about puppy mill dogs I try to spread the word because there are still many people out there who have no idea what happens to these dogs. They don’t know how these dogs are treated, the abuse they suffer, all they see are the cute puppies. More than 120 puppies and 60 other animals were rescued last week from a puppy mill. Read more

Top 5 Online Shops for Dog Supplies

March 4 | 15 Comments

boauthor1-1We have three dogs and I spend a lot of time and money buying things for them. Not just fun stuff but food, medications, supplies, and other necessities. One of our dogs is on a number of supplements and they can add up quickly when I purchase them at our vet. While it’s easier to get their food locally I have found myself ordering off the internet more and more when it comes to everything else they need. It’s easy and with a bit of shopping around I’ve saved a considerable amount of money. This article from Woman’s Day lists five popular online stores to shop from. Read more

Dogs Win At The Oscars

March 3 | 3 Comments


Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Thanks to Ellen DeGeneres dogs win at the Oscars this year with  donations to help feed homeless dogs.  I’ve always liked her but now I like her that much more. Celebrities already have so much stuff so why not use their gift bags to help make a difference in the lives of shelter dogs.  After all, we know there are so many dog loving celebrities out there who have adopted rescue dogs and would love to help out those who still need homes. Even if you lose at the Oscars you still come home a winner.

Being nominated is much cause for celebration. No one wants to lose. However, this year, celebrities who don’t take Read more

Duck Out of Water

October 13 | 1 Comment

BrownieI heart all baked goods.

During Christmas I always enjoy my mother’s demented, serial killing gingerbread men, her  leaning tower of Pisa pound cake, and most of all the sugar cookies she buys from the Publix bakery.

Overall, I’d say my favorites are peanut butter cookies, liver flavored cupcakes and bone marrow muffins. MMM, mmm, good.

Of course my cullinary exploration must stop at the border of Chocolate City. Many a pup has ventured in, but not one has come out.

Read more

Gelding Forced to Adopt Ducks

September 26 | 1 Comment

As I wrote in my book, Bad to the Bone: Memoir of a Rebel Doggie Blogger, you don’t have much of a choice as to who adopts you.

Even a fun loving, outgoing and lovable mutt like me had to have a couple of goes at it before landing my forever folks, but I was lucky.

Imagine being a duck and being adopted by a horse. That’s right, an equine.

That got me to thinking, what if that was me in that situation? How much fun could cuddle time be if I’m worried about my safety? Let’s be honest, once Mama Secretariat rolls over, I’m dead.

What about primping time before heading out to talk up the local chihuahuas? Well, I’ve never seen a hoof that can hold a furminator, or be able to spray a healthy dose of Old Spice on my neck.

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Bear Fails Pottery Class

September 14 | 1 Comment

We’ve all been caught in embarrassing moments, including me.

I’ve run into a tree, been mounted by a miniature poodle, and caught failing to wash my paws after I peed. They’re momentary transgressions that we all hope will pass into the dustbin of history. Of course that assumes no pictures were taken.

Now I read about a bear, a jug and a tight squeeze…and 0h, a camera.

Read more

Einstein Thinks Small

September 12 | 1 Comment

Super size it.

That’s what I tell the old man when it’s chow time. Hey, it takes just as much effort to think small as it does big. Might as well go after the big prize, I say.

Apparently somebody forgot to tell God to do the same when he brought Einstein into this world.

CNM News has the full details on the little guy. Read more

Cease and Desist Order To Bunny Suit Wearing Man

funny dog pictures Longtime readers of this blog, and the fabulous book Bad to the Bone: Memoir of a Rebel Doggie Blogger, know I love to dress up during Halloween.

Just take a look at the picture in the header of this blog. No, not the Amazon advertisement, but to the left, that handsome dog in the Darth Vader outfit. That’s right, that’s me, not some overpaid dog model.

I’ve been many things over the years ranging from a pumpkin monster, a gay cowboy and a dinosaur with a caveman on his back. I love to dress up, if only to entertain my parents. I figure it’s the one time of year I can ‘give back’, although I do have boundaries.

Last year I heard the old man talking about getting me a Princess Leia costume, and then chuckling uncontrollably. Well that ain’t gonna happen, ever. Well, at least not in public.

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Wallaby Terrorizes Family

funny dog blog - funny dog picturesI overheard my parents talking last night saying they felt like they were prisoners in their own house.

Apparently taking care of four dogs and one cat has them feeling a bit claustrophobic. It probably hasn’t helped that all of us, except Mothball the cat, left the house for dog school only to come back and live with them again. Hey, that’s how dogs roll.

My father is forced to walk us in the morning, at night, and if we’re lucky truck us over for a stint at the dog park. My mother takes the time to clean our rooms, our bowls and our litter boxes.

I’m not sure who’s got the better deal, but I do know I’d clean the litter box for free. Read more

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