Eggsellent Lobster Find

Anyone see a lobster around here?I’ve consumed lamb and rice flavored pellets of food, day in and day out for the past ten years. The previous six was spent downing artificially flavored, and I suspect colored, beef and rice dog chow. They call it chow for a reason, and it isn’t because it’s a delicacy.

I find it amazing my mother still expects me to wag with excitement when she appears from the laundry room with bowl in hand to ask me, “Bo, Bo want dinner?”

Eh, not really. How about a treat instead?

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Dog Saves Thousands of Air Travelers From Death

May 12 | 6 Comments

Uhhmmm...You may want to land that thingIf I were to fly the friendly skies of this united world, I know what they’d call me.


You know, as in Captain Chelsey¬† Sullenberger , the hero pilot that landed a jet into the Hudson River a few months ago. If you’re going to do something, do it right I say. If not, you might as well just roll over in bed, if only to keep from aggravating your bed sores.

Looks like a border collie in Oregon is one step ahead of the pack when it comes to flying. She’s got a job with the local airport. Here’s the story on why. Read more

The Hotel New Havernese

March 27 | 3 Comments

At your serviceLet’s be honest with each other. Work sucks.

Do you know of any dogs that actually enjoy their jobs? Sure Rufus may look like he enjoys snatching a biscuit from his nose, but he ain’t having any fun. Sunshine rolling over for a treat? A blow to her self esteem.¬† She might as well be working the pole.

Maybe the trick to happy employment is to do something non-traditional?

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The Great Escape

Some of us take what life gives us and roll with it. While others aren’t satisfied by the status quo.

Look no further than this video to see both types of canines in action.

Which are you? The voyuer or the overachiever?

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Humans Outsourced by Dogs

October 14 | 1 Comment

Punching the Clock at the FeedlotI’m amazed at the changes that have happened in society since I first put paw on earth. When I was a pup, all we were used for was fetching the paper, chasing the cat and barking at the mailman.

Times have changed. Now we’re allowed to lead blind people into traffic, solve crimes in forensic units and sniff out bombs in remote locales of the world.

But it’s not just high profile jobs we’re taking on, but mundane ones as well. Take, for instance, letting kids read to us, having old people pet us and letting vet trainees express our anal glands in college.

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Hang Five

Gnarly Man!I live in a land locked area so when I see news like this it makes me jealous. While I get to trek up mountains, carrying my owners lunch and drink on my back, these dogs get to go out and surf. Yeah, that’s right, surf.

This year was the 3rd Annual Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Competition at Imperial Beach in California.

These canines bring a whole new meaning to the term sea dog.

In cool shades, t-shirts and Hawaiian shirts these mutts know how to ride on the crest of a wave.

Despite some ruff conditions about 60 brave four-legged competitors took part in America’s largest surfing competition for dogs.

If you consider standing still on a board, getting wild applause for doing it and receiving treats in the end ruff conditions, then yeah, I guess the conditions were kind of tough out there. Read more

Numbers Game

April 11 | 3 Comments

Some think this dog is amazing . Me, I’m not surprised.

In case you missed this one, a Mission Viejo woman’s dog — a 9-year-old cockapoo known as Cookie Einstein — has become a celebrity of sorts for her apparent mathematical abilities, the O.C. Register’s Niyaz Pirani reported over the weekend.

She [Cookie] adds, subtracts, multiplies, divides and calculates square roots and simple algebra through barking. And Cookie can answer if the question’s asked in either English or Spanish.

Bi-lingual and good in math…she must have scored well on her SATs.

Cookie won’t respond to anybody but Miller, and she won’t bark unless there’s a treat involved — sliced turkey being one of her favorites. You might think that there are signals communicated between owner and pet; instead, Miller simply holds Cookie’s mouth until she’s ready to hear the answer.

Do I doubt Cookie knows the answers? Of course not, for every canine knows we’ve been bred to be good at math. We’re constantly counting the number of treats we have been given in a day, match that against recent trends and do a quick regression analysis to determine the likelihood of getting more. It’s as instinctive as chasing a cat, or a mailman.

I wonder what would happen if Miller asked Cookie to tell her the value of Pi?

Anyway, if you’re skeptical take a look at the video below:


Silly Rabbit – Tricks Are For Kids

April 2 | 71 Comments

I’ve never been into dog tricks; they’re rather, oh I don’t know, beneath me. However, play me in a game of three card monte and I’ll be walking away with your owner and your collar. I can’t say whether one is better than the other but Cindy the spaniel decided to go the first route, learning to be the queen of dog tricks in the process.

An eigMy Paws Are Fullht-year-old dog is amazing her owners and neighbours with an astonishing array of tricks.

Cindy, a pedigree cavalier King Charles spaniel, can balance objects on all four paws while lying down.

She can also keep a golf ball in a spoon held in her mouth while balancing objects on her head.

Proud owner Mark Bucknell, from Wednesfield, in the West Midlands, said: “Who needs the telly when you’ve got a dog like this?”

Mrs. Savales for one.

He said the family started teaching Cindy tricks when they took her in as an eight-month old.

Cindy is also a dab hand with a golf ball and a spoon

Ron Bucknell, 75, said the family had run out of tricks to teach her.

That’s not what Buddy, her pimp told me but who am I to shatter Ron’s world?

Where Did I Put That Drink?

It took her six months to learn to wait for her reward but, despite having undergone two leg operations since, her circus skills have remained intact.

She pees like an elephant, eats like a lion, and loves to go car riding with a bunch of clowns. I guess they’re right, her circus skills seem to be intact.

Mr Bucknell had this advice for his envious fellow dog owners. “You don’t do the dog any favours if you leave it as a dumb mut.

It’s the same advice I have for canines. You don’t do your owners any favors by leaving them dumb. Make sure to train them to feed you, walk you and let you out to do your business on your schedule not theirs.

Quick Withdrawal

March 2 | 3 Comments

Modern day dog’s are so much more technologically advanced than me and my generation. Just read this story on dogs using ATMs. In my day, all that was ever taught to ‘assistance dogs’ was how to write out a check. Time flies when your begging for food…

They might not be able to help if you forget your Pin, but these dogs can get your money out without paws-ing for thought.

The pooches are among an army of ‘assistance dogs’ who have been trained to withdraw money from cash machines for their disabled owners.

They are adept at inserting and withdrawing cards at ATMs to help owners in wheelchairs who are often not able to stretch far enough to do it themselves.

A spokesman for charity Canine Partners, which trains the dogs, said: ‘They put in the card and take it out and take out the money and give it to the person in the wheelchair.

I wonder whether they’re also trained to accept the ATM surcharge when prompted? Read more

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