Hamster Agility Course

June 8 | 2 Comments

My mother took my new brother to agility training for six weeks. I gotta be honest, he doesn’t seem to be any more agile than he was before the class. I’m glad she never wasted my time with that.

Maybe it’s different for hamsters. Check out this little guy as he weaves his way through an agility course.

Of course this is just training. The real course ends in a cat’s mouth.

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Barbie Does Scotland

January 12 | 1 Comment

If someone were to tell me that Barbie was coming to live with the family, I would think a make up wearing, fake pawed poodle was on its way.

Turns out, that’s not always the case, as this family of two border collies found out (yes, they own the two humans in the video).

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Kangaroo Kicks Kid’s Ass

December 8 | 1 Comment

I love it when brash young kids get what they deserve. I can’t really tell if the kid deserves this kangaroo kick, but I’m all for a little physical comedy.


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Begging Bears Show No Shame

I thought I was a shameless beggar, but I’ve got nothing on these bears.

I think they’re actually mocking these dim witted tourists.