Cat Begs Like A Dog

August 8 | 5 Comments

We’ve all heard the arguments between humans about what the better pet is; dogs or cats.

We all know on which side of the line I fall on, I’m a mutt after all. Don’t get me wrong, there are some cats I’ll give the time of day to. Most notably my sisters Moose and Mothball,but that’s no reason to lose our heads and make a poor choice of companion.

If you want to change my mind, you’ll have to do something special. Well, like this cat.

Any cat that begs like a dog can’t be all bad.

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Cat Impersonates Michael Jackson

August 4 | 6 Comments

Don’t get it.

That’s all I can say about this video. A talentless cat, with no grace whatsoever, gets big You Tube hits? On top of that, this feline tap dances on the tragedy that is Michael Jackson. Has it no shame?

No. No it doesn’t.

Funny Cat Playing with Mirror

We all know one thing: dogs are smarter than cats.

I don’t bark this because I’m part of the K9 class, but because of videos like the one below.

If that were me, I would have stopped at the 30 second mark. I’m smart like that

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Settin’ Up the Cat

April 10 | 1 Comment

Here’s a commercial I like.  Dog steals food and sets up the cat to take the fall.

What more could you want when selling product?

A High Flying Cat

February 15 | 1 Comment

Some will be impressed with the cat in this video.

Not me. To truly impress me she would have caught a stick on the way down.

Your standards may not be so high, so you might enjoy this.

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Funny dog with funny cat

Kittens, they love to play with older, lazy dogs.  Here’s proof…

He is a patient dog!

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Skidding Cat Gets Boxed In

December 2 | 1 Comment

Cats. Always gotta be goofin’ around.

What I find ironic about this video is what the box says. Of course the irony is lost on all cats, kittens or pumas because they can’t read.

Thank God my fur suit came in dog.

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